The Best music festivals in the world
  In honor of world music day, celebrated on 1 October, we have compiled a list of the greatest festivals that you should visit at least once in your life,…

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Best spring carnivals of the world
  The world's best carnivals, which is a great way to have fun before lent by readers of the Guardian. 1. In the first place: Mas Dominik, Roseau, Dominica. This…

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The world famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro opens on the Friday before the February “Ash Wednesday” and is considered the main event here. The annual colourful carnival – the parade of the Samba schools. The organization of the event was headed by the Ministry of tourism, and urban League of Samba schools in conjunction with the broadcasters that will be broadcasting from the streets of the city. Each school from year to year is a new program, in accordance with which it selects and manufactures Playground and costumes.

Do not remain without attention honing of skills of rhythm, choreography, as well as presentations and harmony among group members. It should be noted that many participants in the carnival for a whole year saving up money for the purchase and manufacture of costume, who will present at the parade.

Nominated annually only one Samba school that received the most points in the first League “special group”. The winners of the special group will receive cash prizes. As a rule, all contestants are of no less value is the availability of belonging to the winning school from the “special group”.

The order of presentations of schools determines a lot. The parade takes place on Sunday and Monday, every day perform on six schools. The number of participants in each group varies from 3 to 5 thousand people. Contestants Continue reading

What famous Venetian carnival?


“Off Convention!” – motto of any carnival. But first, it concerns the carnival in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Venice. No wonder he is considered the most romantic on the planet. Mind-blowing by itself, a city on the water, during the party is converted into a solid extravaganza, in which a sense of reality becomes relative.

In such a romantic criteria daily rules lose all meaning. And as said by the participants of the carnival, this looseness is, perhaps, only in dreams and dreams. Because for centuries, due to this fact, the carnival of Venice has become increasingly popular.

According to official data of the Venetian carnival, appeared in the late eleventh century, as religious Fasting before Easter. Well, the word “carnival” says for itself, the base of which are two Latin roots: carno – meat and vale – goodbye, i.e. the rejection of meat, which sounds Italian like “carnis laxatio” or “carnasciale”. The award of the occurrence of this party belongs to the ruler of Venice, the Doge Vitale Faliero, which in One thousand and ninety-four year issued about this special decree.

Over time, these severe restrictions were forgotten, and the carnival turned into a joyous party, becoming at One thousand two hundred and ninety 6 year by decision of the Senate Continue reading

Italy: Venice – the famous carnival


We managed to visit Venice carnival last year, but the same great atmosphere in Venice certainly prevails also in these days because famous Venice carnival is now in full swing.

A bit of history

The tradition of rich, carefree and very lush celebrations dates back to the XI century. Even then, the Carnival of Venice was a movable festival in the period before Ash Wednesday. Since ancient times it is very important role was played by the masks that were erased, or at least tried to erase, class or social differences among people. Because, underneath the king’s very easy to be a beggar and, conversely, the beggar becomes king. Under the mask of the townspeople could, nobody unidentified, engage bezugnahme entertainment. During the XVIII century Venetian carnival began gradually to decline, and finally almost completely stopped. It was renewed in 1979, and since then has attracted a huge number of tourists.

The carnival is in full swing

This year the popular festival in Venice will be held from January 26 to February 12, 2013 so you still have the opportunity to participate in this unprecedented celebration. Many travel agencies, as in other years, offer to experience the unique atmosphere of this huge event in a longer or shorter stays. But to go there you can own. In this case, it is best to find out if somewhere else there is a free room Continue reading