Oh, those carnivals!
  Carnival in the world culture is one of the most significant places among all theatrical events. He carries not only an explosion of colours and emotions, but most importantly…

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10 most colorful places in the world
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Greeting Cards for congratulations – gif animation

Welcome to mir-animashki- on our site collected only the highest quality and the most beautiful animated cards . Of course, on our site is posted only free postcards that you can download without registration and sending SMS. The world of animation is so great that simply will not work all describe here. So we go over some of the categories separately.


Daily – Different situations, jokes and much more, which you can use every day.

Christmas cards – In this category you can find animations that are directly related to the New Year. This greetings, wishes, or simply decorate the pages in Christmas style.

Events – In category contains animations for various holidays. As congratulations and wishes you can find from a huge number of animations.

Congratulations – of Course with the help of these cards you will be able to congratulate your friends with any holiday, which will be written the wish.

Wishes – Wishes on various topics are in this category. Not just wishes, animated comments, which look very even not bad.

Flowers – Animation of colors, which will decorate your page in social networks.

Friends – Funny phrases that rhyme, quatrains in the form of animations for friends, you can choose from this category.

The seasons – Various animated landscapes of the seasons are in this category.

People are well – Known personalities from movies, cartoons and stuff you will find in this category.

Animals – Various animated animals in this category for lovers of animals.

Miscellaneous – this category contains animations that did not match in meaning not in any of the categories above.

The use is currently the subject of very animated greeting cards has increased its popularity. Basically, this kind of postcards are used for greetings of friends, acquaintances, relatives on social networks. Each animation, which is presented on our website has its thematic category.

For example, if you want to send a card to the woman and wish her a happy birthday, then you will certainly be able to find postcards happy birthday on our website at any appropriate coloring. Also, you can use the beautiful cards our site to decorate their pages in social networks.

Installing on social networks

In order to use greetings cards on social networks, blogs and other systems, you need to first select the desired animation, and then click “embed in website or blog“. In the opened window

The process of animating certain picture is done by using special programs that give the ability to move. If you have the skills to animate images, you can because their works in our huge catalog of animated greeting cards.

Problems with animation

If you are not running the code to add animation, then try to choose another animation. If still not working, please contact the site  and deserve. In order to write the go to the section “feedback”.

How to download free cards?

If you like any animation, it is absolutely free you can download it to your computer, or mobile phone. To download the animation, click on it RMB and select “Save image as..”, then select the folder where you want to save an animated card.