Summer festivals and events in Switzerland
  This summer in Switzerland, tourists are offered a wide range of activities for every taste that you can visit. Exhibition of objects of art Basel 15 June in Basel…

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Holidays and customs of the Ukrainian people
  Trinity, apostles ' fast, Midsummer. The birth of John the Baptist, Peter and Paul, the Prophet Elijah, Healer Panteleimon, Maccabeus, Saved. Transfiguration, The Dormition Of The Virgin. First Pure.…

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Happy holiday summery and bright from the Studio Birthdaysparty

The summer is considered by many to be the best time of the year. You can walk endlessly in the fresh air, relax on the beach and swim. But besides all this summer so richly and for the holidays. After the summer it is possible to arrange just a great Birthday party in the backyard on a summer terrace of a cafe or just on a picnic. And of course for any holiday will be a huge plus presenters and animators who can turn even a small event in a real carnival. Active games and contests, quests in the forest or town complexes – this requires a professional approach and competent organization of the holiday.

Our leading and animators under the force of the organization of the event absolutely any level of complexity. The company Birthdaysparty has long established a solid reputation in the field of the holidays in Kyiv and Kyiv region for our responsibility, diligence and the ability to give the client exactly what he needs. Owing to our rich experience, we can easily help you to arrange a Birthday, wedding, corporate event, quest, and much more. With our help, You can easily make a right choice of theme for Your celebration, clearance, proper spelling of the script and of course the embodiment of all his plans in life is, and much more easy to get, just call us by phones specified in Kiev on our website.

We can also offer you a lot of additional services for both adults and for children and adolescents. These services are quite extensive and include many aspects, from the classic “bubble show” and “the magic show” . to order the dance team or music band for Your holiday.

If You want company on the organization of holidays in Kiev, Birthdaysparty is the best choice.

Children’s party in Kiev

If you are tired to figure out how to spend a weekend with the kids, arrange a children’s party in Kiev .

Kyiv-capital of Ukraine, a lot of beautiful places for recreation and entertainment. Kids love to travel and arriving in Kiev. you can combine sightseeing tours with children’s holiday.

What you need for a children’s party . Of course children need and professional animators. In the Agency ‘BIRTHDAYSPARTY’ is excellent. a fun friendly team of young actors.

They have programs for all ages of children and they cope well with the organization and staging of the holiday!

What a birthday party and children’s holiday without their loved animals and heroes in Wi?

Invite children for a birthday or Malvina Pirates, Prince and Princess, Clown or Magician-magician. In childhood everything is interesting: new friends, new games and history. Children are open to learning and understanding the world .

Together with professional animators they will discover and learn many interesting. what else never will know. This meeting will give the children do not forget the emotions and a lot of joy. In a prepared software has everything kids love: meeting, Dating, game, entertainment shows and educational history and a lot more.

Animators for his birthday

Animators for a birthday of your child is a good idea! But often the prices of services of animators is quite high and not every parent can afford to arrange such a gift to the child. Many agencies do business and earn money, not thinking about the children themselves. Agency Directors hire actors, many of whom have no skills in this area.

One of the few: the Agency “BirthdaysParty” . which offers animators inexpensive. The guys working on new projects, prepare performances and come up with surprises. They all always work and the children are delighted with them! If you want to give your child a party, order the animators Kyiv inexpensively.