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International Fireworks Festival in Seoul


International Fireworks Festival in Seoul (Seoul International Firework Festival) – a major cultural event in South Korea, which is held every year in October, since 2000, where the best pyrotechnics of the world create a unique atmosphere of celebration and beauty.

To participate in the festival traditionally attracts teams of specialists in the fireworks from different countries. Here they show viewers not only spectacular fireworks, but recent developments in pyrotechnic technology and firework art.

The history of fireworks (“firework” – means “fire effect”), more than one hundred years. Many peoples from ancient times decorated the holidays bright-light effects – originally it had large fires or a lot of small lights. But the written sources of the past preserved little information about such spectacles of light of different Nations.

A radical revolution in the art of making fire and pyrotechnic control them, of course, happened when the wise Chinese invented gunpowder and steel, it is widely used not only in military Affairs but also in the conduct of the festivities. Although the exact date of invention is unknown, but the Chinese even before the 9th century used the bamboo firecrackers to drive away evil spirits.

In Europe and Russia, the use of gunpowder artillery was already known by the mid-14th century. Almost simultaneously he began to be applied to the device, and fireworks. The best masters in the art in the 14th and 15th centuries was considered to be the Italians. Luxurious and expensive fireworks were held, usually on special occasions such as the coronation of the reigning monarchs, their birthdays, major religious holidays. Illumination at the time was becoming more and more popular, and in the early 16th century was even published the first book on pyrotechnics and fireworks, the author of which was Vannoccio Biringuccio. He also belongs to the statement: “the Fireworks display lasts for no longer than a kiss sweetheart, but is more expensive than the content of his mistress.”

Fireworks in Moscow (18th century Engraving)

Thus, starting from the 16th century on the fireworks can be said as a form of mass entertainment art. In Russia, specifically at the state level device fireworks started under Ivan the terrible. Then streltsi regiment even introduced the position of “head of gunpowder”, whose duties, in addition to the military, also included the manufacture and launch fireworks. At the court of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich was established special “comic house”, organizes various entertainment, including “flaming fun”. By the end of the 17th century the interest in pyrotechnic entertainment manifested many nobles. Burning fireworks fond princes F. Y. Romodanovsky, V. V. Golitsyn, P. V. boyar Sheremetev and others. But this fashion fireworks came to Russia only with the reign of Peter I. It should be noted that Russian pyrotechnics were already no worse than their foreign colleagues to produce and organize a “fire show”. Activities founded by Peter the great missile institution will significantly improve the quality and variety of pyrotechnic compositions.

This is an important event in the world of Amateur and professional fireworks traditionally held in the Korean capital on Saturday afternoon (usually from 19 to 22 hours) on the banks of the Han river, in a Park on the island of Ejido (Yeoido). Teams from different countries – Japan, China, Korea, USA, Australia, Italy, Canada, Hong Kong and others – are the viewers their fireworks. Interestingly, each team shows a unique show with national themes.