Italy: Venice - the famous carnival
  We managed to visit Venice carnival last year, but the same great atmosphere in Venice certainly prevails also in these days because famous Venice carnival is now in full…

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Holiday Recipes salads birthday
  Recipes festive salads birthday What dishes on our holiday table traditionally occupy one of leading places and like everyone? Well, of course, this is a festive salad from year…

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Gifts for New year

The New year is nice not only because it is perceived by many as the beginning of a new stage in life, but also because in this magical night be sure to wait for all the gifts.

Thus, they not only receive, but also to choose. This creates a unique atmosphere of the Christmas holidays.

What to look for in anticipation of the New 2016 as a present for their loved ones and friends?

Gifts with humor

Funny gifts for 2016 is in the spirit of a mischievous Monkey. Humorous can be as the gift itself and its design.

If friends a lot, and a small budget, we will gain the ability to use photo editors. You can prepare a calendar with a picture of funny monkey… and her face to be replaced by the face of a man. Or to arrange a surprise. Suppose you know that sister husband dreaming about a cool phone. But… handed her a box with a frying pan. Disappointment? No you can’t. Does it reveal a box, and kitchen utensils hiding coveted smartphone.

Reception with lots of boxes, the size of which gradually decreases – interesting, but hardly anybody will cause a true delight. Therefore, upgrade, introducing unusual elements of the “package”: nakatannuju jar, a bag with a padlock, sewn sock, a plastic egg with glued the halves, etc. – may bestow you can sweat till you get to the coveted gift.

Monkey the Explorer

Don’t delay the purchase of gifts with the symbol of 2016 at the last moment. And then it might cause confusion when exchanging gifts: you will hand each completely identical magnets with a picture of a monkey.

Before the New year, plenty of time, so if you go on a business trip or on vacation, don’t forget to snag a couple of funny figurines of monkeys. Before the holiday they will be very useful.

Present your hands for 2016

Hand-made gifts good for its uniqueness and embedded in them the soul of the Creator. Besides the handmade gifts you can save and the theme of the New year: to associate a hat or sew a toy in the form of a monkey, make jewelry with bright stones of fire flowers or a picture frame with monkeys and bananas.

Your hands can do and new year gift package to give to a colleague or friend original candy bouquet and Christmas toys. Homemade Christmas cards is also always at the peak of popularity. Only one free evening, fantasy – and the problem with Souvenirs for 2016 resolved.

Versatile gift in the year of the Monkey t-shirt

Good duty present that will suit almost everyone, will be a cotton t-shirt inscribed with the image of the hostess of the year – Sluts-monkey.

For conservatives, it is better to opt for a more modest t-shirts with numbers 2016.

This gift will be delighted both children and adults. To order t-shirts with print new year in an advertising Agency or in popular online store.

Child an inexpensive gift for the New year 2016

Kids to please not difficult. For the little ones – soft puzzle with a picture of a monkey, a collection of holiday cartoons on the disc, a book with fairy tales in a premium design. Musical dancing monkey will add a good mood.

In General, choosing a Christmas gift for 2016 for someone of his relatives or friends, you are not required to strictly follow these guidelines, because someone might not understand the meaning of comic gift or not will appreciate your talent needlewoman.

A surprise under the Christmas tree, so he was really pleasant and gave moments of genuine joy, must be tailored to the personality of the person intended. From this, and we should think about when choosing a present – it needs to be individualized.