Holidays in January
January is a month of celebration! Each of the four weeks is January a few days-reasons to get together and spend time. For those planning vacations, I advise you to…

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The Most striking events of spring
The Main and the most striking event, which is open to all travellers, who visited Azerbaijan in the spring, is the holiday of Novruz – the symbol of spring. Every…

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10 most colorful places in the world


Guanajuato, Mexico

Guanajuato is a municipality and a historic colonial city of Mexico, which is also the capital of the eponymous state. Located 350 km from Mexico city, in a valley surrounded by hills. Home, as in most Mexican cities, painted in bright, colorful colors.

Bo-Kaap (Cape town, South Africa)

This old quarter of Cape town is famous for its picturesque old two-storey buildings, painted in various colors. Still live here mostly Malay, descendants of slaves brought to the Cape from East India in the second half of the XVII century. They have kept their Islamic traditions in the area you can see several mosques of small size, and 5 times a day, the muezzins call the faithful to prayer. One of these mosques, Masjid Koreana, has remained virtually untouched ever since, when it was built in 1886 it is a Museum Bo-Kaap (Bo-Kaap) – in the house of 1763, built by the Danes.

Burano (Venice, Italy)

Burano is an island area of Venice, located 7 km from the centre of town, near Torcello, with a population of approx. 4,000 inhabitants. Known for its brightly painted houses. Burano is a small archipelago consists of 4 Islands connected by channels of 10 m. Legendale that the first who painted their houses, they were fishermen. This was done to ensure that when they return to the island home of the fishery, was visible from far away their home.

La Boca (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

La Boca (Spanish La Boca — The mouth) — this is the famous district of the city of Buenos Aires. Located on the southeastern edge of the city. Owes its name to the mouth of the river Matanza-to Riachuelo, a tributary here in La Plata. Already in 1870 La Boca had a characteristic appearance, and in 1895 became the second largest district of the capital.

Keukenhof (Lisse, Netherlands)

Keukenhof is the world famous Royal Park of flowers in the Netherlands. Also known as the “Garden of Europe”. Located almost on the coast between Amsterdam and the Hague in the small town of Lisse. Keukenhof Park, located on 32 acres of land, world famous for its flowers, landscapes and a huge Tulip meadows. The Park has 4.5 million tulips planted 100 different varieties.

Dotonbori (Osaka, Japan)

Previously, it was known to the red light district, and now he changed his image in favor of moral tourist public. Now everything here is bathed in neon, and behind each door lies a new restaurant. The number of sauntering along Dotonbori citizens does not decrease neither in the afternoon nor at night.

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh, India)

This city, located in the heart of the valley of the Ganges in Northern India, has for the Hindus the same meaning, like the Vatican for Catholics. Here in Varanasi, were concentrated Brahmanic doctrine. Varanasi is considered a Holy city for Buddhists and Jains, the most Holy place in the world in Hinduism (as the center of Earth in Hindu cosmology). In addition, it is one of the oldest cities in the world and possibly the oldest in India.

Willemstad (Curacao, Caribbean sea)

Curaçao — the largest city and the administrative center of curaçao, founded by hollandaze in 1634 The city lies in a picturesque Harbor, the Caribbean sea, and its ancient buildings attract attention for its colorful facades.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The people of Rio is nicknamed the “Marvelous city”. And not without reason: after all, Rio is a real city of contrasts. In addition, Rio de Janeiro is world famous for its carnivals.

And in Rio, an enormous statue of Christ the Redeemer and huddle on the slopes of the picturesque houses of local residents.

San Francisco (California, USA)

About this city is also heard, perhaps, everything. San Francisco is a world tourist center, known for its cold summer fog, steep hills and a combination of Victorian and modern architecture. Among the attractions are the Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz island, the cable car system, Coit tower and Chinatown.

Photo and basic information taken from tripadvisor