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Festival Love Parade


Love Parade (love Parade) – the largest Technopark, which began its history in Germany. This country is considered to be the ancestor of the festival. In 1989 the Berlin opened its Brandenburg gate for fans of electronic music. Until 2006, the festival was held only in the capital of Germany, and since 2007 has covered most of the cities in the Ruhr region.

The first parade was organized Mathias Reing . after collecting all 150 fans of electronic music, but after a decade – by 1999, the parade was visited by 1.6 million people! The parade is at all times treated ambiguously: fans of electronic music have not seen life without him, simple as the Germans were in constant outrage because of the unbearable noise and turmoil going on in the streets according to them. 2004 and 2005 steel for the festival small change due to various financial issues: the organizers could not find a sponsor, despite the huge number of people wishing to attend the festival. In 2006, the festival was resumed again and gathered more than a million fans technomusic, in 2007 the parade with over a million participants took place in Essen in 2008 in Duisburg, a small town was visited by 1.6 million people.

“Black year” for the festival the year 2010, when during the riots killed 21 people and more than five hundred came to the hospitals for medical care. World famous DJ Paul van Dyk . Armin van Buuren and Paul Oakenfold . United in the project DJ’s United recorded a song called “Remember Love” in memory of the victims and injured in a mass fight, all the proceeds went to treatment for the injured and compensation to the bereaved families.

Interesting trick with the festival organizers, who originally signed him as a purely political action. It is known that damage to property and buildings, caused by various political demonstrations, and pollution of the streets and the environment are eliminated at the expense of the municipality that has saved the budget for the parade. However, the Berlin government in 2002 decided to no longer make any political motives in organizing the event, and now the love Parade has the status of the electronic music festival, and organizers are forced to clean the territory at its own expense.

Interestingly, parade organizers wanted to attract and guards to his side, turning in 2007 with a proposal for one day dressed in a sexy police uniform: tight skirts with slits and bright blouse – women in tight pants and colorful t-shirts – men, but this idea of power is not supported.

Under incredible electronic music at the parade, there are many processional: wearing costumes and masks, fans of house, techno and trance. unrestrained dancing, marching, make fun of each other and various famous people.

A survey conducted in 2009, showed that most native Germans unhappy that the festival takes place on the territory of their native country, as it not only attracts large number of tourists from abroad, with different aims when visiting the festival, but also reserves the mountains of garbage that is so frustrating pedantic residents of Germany.

Festival sets records not only the number of stars, acting under the label Love Parade, but also by the number of liters of beer, which just flows like water. The prize for winning many competitions held during the festival, is the drinking of beer keg with a star. It is noteworthy that artist winner can choose himself, but he will not support the drinking of alcohol beverage and just want some company or leave an autograph.

Colorful Fiesta, merriment, unreal music that accompany the festival, what supplements on the leaflets and brochures that are distributed as part of the parade, you can watch previously unpublished candid photos of different celebrities that pleases the eyes of fans of nudism and connoisseurs of the beautiful body.

The slogan of the festival is the call to “Join the Love Republic” . or translated into Russian, “Join the Republic of love” . Well, so what? Join?