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Residents of Tambov will greet autumn festival of Japanese cinema


Film festival “the Reds” will last four days. This year the eyes of the Tambov fans of Japanese cinema will present five films. Three games, two – animation. The organizers explain that all the films will be accompanied by Russian subtitles.

The opening premiere cinema event will take place on 4 September at 14.30. It is planned that the guests of honor “the Reds” this year will be the counselor of the Embassy of Japan Yosuke Kusakabe and Michio Simizu. The latter during his visit to our city plans to meet with tambovchanka Emily Ermakova. She is a friend of his deceased father Jetsuite Shimizu.

As entertainment this year the organizers decided to hold an exhibition of Japanese car brands. Will accommodate it, according to the Chairman of the Tambov regional branch of the society ’s Russia-Japan” Vyacheslav Fedotov, right on the pad in front of the regional Museum. 4 and 5 September, motorists will be able to look at the car brand Suzuki. The following two days, on 6 and 7 September, gaze Tambukan will present Mitsubishi. Now the organizers are negotiating about other brands.

On 6 September, the festival organizers plan to gather at a public meeting of the society «Russia – Japan”. To attend this event, anyone can. Visitors will be acquainted with the activities of the company.

The first film to tabucanon will show on the first day of the opening of the film festival. 4 September at 16:00 tabucanon will show “3”.

Working-class district of Tokyo, 1958 — the year was built the Tokyo TV tower. Norifumi manages a tiny garage on Third street in the district of Yuxi-machi. Mutsuko wouldn’t mind his work, but, in truth, she hoped for a more solid company. One joy — son Norifumi tells her that soon their house will appear on the TV! Meanwhile, the owner of the opposite confectionery shops Tagawa boozed agrees to take on his care orphan boy, Junnosuke. The residents of Third street welcome new neighbors. All excited awaiting the advent of television, and Christmas is around the corner. Years pass, and suddenly there father Junnosuke. Tagawa have become accustomed to look upon the boy as his own son, but, worrying about his future, he sends him to his father.

5 September at 17:00 starts the film ’s Buns of happiness”.

San and Ri — a young couple. They decided to move from Tokyo to lake Toya, which is located on the island of Hokkaido. There the couple open a bakery restaurant called “Mani”. San bakes bread, and his wife Ri prepares food, which perfectly complements the cakes her husband. Since San and Ri is prepared with all your heart, all the year round clients, leaving them to feel happy.

6 September at 17:00 will show the film “Trolley”.

Drama about the relationship between the mother and her sons. Yumiko married for love, but when her husband died, one woman is forced to take care of the children. Living in a rural house and taking care of old people, Yumiko facing problems in the relationship with Atsushi — the eldest son. A young man rebels against society and mother, but the care of the elderly is doing its job. Mother and son playing with each other and decide to take a trip to an old-fashioned truck-trolley.

7 September 15:00 tabucanon will show “Fishers forgotten voices”.

Beautiful Asun cherishes the magic crystal, emitting strange sounds, as the Apple of his eye. This amazing piece returns to memories of her father. Once Asun gathered in the road, for a meeting with a childhood friend. On the way expect impressive adventure, dangerous and exciting.

7 September at 17:00 will be showing the latest film “the Voice of a distant star”.

The action takes place in 2042, marked by the opening of the ruins of an alien civilization on Mars. Mikako and Noboru — seniors, but next fall if Noboru continue to study, Mikako elected worthy to join the Grand expedition. “the Voice of a distant star” — this is a story of love, divided by the depths of space, the only channel of communication which are SMS messages.

Admission to all sessions is free.