Summer holidays
  Warm summer holidays start on June 1 with light children's holiday: international day of protection of children. June 2, only the Irish continue to rejoice: there comes the June…

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The Most striking events and festivals Florence - news of tourism and travel
Florence – country holidays: the most striking events and festivals Florence is captivating at any time of the year. And even those who have repeatedly visited this city knows that…

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The craziest festivals of modern times


Nor for ‘s no secret that festivals and public holidays attract a huge flow of tourists. It is noteworthy that many of the cultural events of this kind are often called “business card” of a city, or even country. The most popular and most visited events are considered entertainment. The craziest of them are presented below.

South Korea. The mud festival in taisen-ri. The event is held annually in early July and lasts for two weeks. The festival program includes mud fights, running, dancing. (Hypnotica Studios Infinite)

USA. The Burning Man festival in the desert of black Rock. The event is held annually in late August and lasts for eight days. The program of the festival includes music and dance performances, as well as the ceremonial burning of the giant sculptures. (Julia Wolf)

Spain. San Fermin in Pamplona. The event is held annually and lasts from 6 to 14 July. The festival program includes encierro (bull run), the bullfights, carnivals, processions huge dolls and folk festivals. (Asier Solana Bermejo)

Thailand. Vegetarian festival in Phuket. The event is held annually and lasts for nine days, beginning with the first day of the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar. The program of the festival includes a street procession in which participants demonstrate acts of mortification of the flesh by piercing their face a variety of sharp objects. (Gregg)

Scotland. The Festival Of Up Helly Aa. The event is held annually on the last Tuesday of January. The festival program includes a torchlight procession and the burning of a giant rook. (colemic2006)

India. The Festival Of Holi. The event is held annually in late February — the beginning of March and lasts for five days. The program of the festival includes street battles with colored powders. (Rajesh_India)

Japan. Festival of Hadak-Matsuri in Okayama. The event is held annually on the third Saturday of February. In the event men in loincloths undergo a rite of purification. The culmination of the festival is held at the temple of Saidaiji, where thousands of naked men trying to catch the amulet, which according to the beliefs ensure a happy year. (calltheambulance)

Spain. La Tomatina in Buñol. The event is held annually during the last week of August. The festival program includes the massive battles tomatoes. (flydime)

Germany. The Oktoberfest. The event is held annually in mid-September — the beginning of October and lasts for 16 days.(Yuting Hsu)

Festival Of Galaxidi, Greece. Galaxidi something like Holi, but only with the difference that the streets not throw paint, and flour. All the citizens and the streets turn white, as if it was snow. Although some flour painted in red or blue. This festival kicks off in February in the small town of Galaxidi in Northern Greece. The festival is celebrated to mark the beginning of lent. The festival is for some reason not very popular among tourists and is often the only visitors become citizens of Galaxidi and the inhabitants of the surrounding settlements.

Klosterkirche skating cheese, UK. As you can guess, the event takes place in the town of Gloucestershire in the UK. The aim of the festival – reset the head cheese from the mountain and catch up with her. It is impossible to do, as the cheese rolling at a speed of about 100 km per hour. Dozens of men just roll headlong from the mountain, trying to get to the bottom first. The game of tag with cheese often ends for tourists muscle strains and injuries, therefore, should not try to keep up in the competition for indigenous Glostershire – to do this without injury will not succeed.

The battle of oranges, Northern Italy. The biggest food fight in Italy, it is quite fiercely fought battle happens every year. Please note: helmets required, which are used for protection. Not fall under the citrus crossfire. This fight, believed to be of medieval origin, the true roots of which are lost in time.