Holiday Recipes salads birthday
  Recipes festive salads birthday What dishes on our holiday table traditionally occupy one of leading places and like everyone? Well, of course, this is a festive salad from year…

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Carnival costumes – History
  The roots of carnival out in the middle Ages and originates from the "feast of all Mari", which is known from 1039 years and it began to cover their…

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How to entertain guests


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Feast of farewell to the ABC is an important event in the life of first graders. After studying the Alphabet, the children together with new books will discover many of the countries that will go to travel, get acquainted with the different characters. And the tour can be started with materials of the new edition of “how to entertain guests” № 8(159)2015, where Taps and Laps saved from the Ogre and teach the letters of the magical Alphabet to get to the Country of knowledge. Did not remain without attention and this is a significant holiday like mother’s Day, in which you can congratulate mom, to do a presentation or make a spectacle concert, because any cold day of November will be warm when relatives or close friends gather together.

In the second half of September in the Bavarian capital – the city of Mangere for 16 days the world’s largest beer festival – Oktoberfest. Having a two hundred year tradition, this festival year after year is becoming more popular and visited – the proof is an entry in the Guinness Book of records. Materials “freely available” will help you create the next little corner of Germany and make a frantic atmosphere of General merriment of Oktoberfest.

Every girl, woman dreams of becoming a beauty Queen and universal recognition. The materials of the release of “how to entertain guests” № 7(158)2015 will help to make this dream come true: one only has to take part in the school beauty contest and become the best lady of the planet, or you can take a fast train and gain the title of “Keeper”. In the new issue of the magazine you will find materials for the teachers Day, the harvest Festival, and congratulations on the International day of older and birthday.

How do you think Santa Claus with his granddaughter comes only for the New year? If the answer is Yes – go wrong. Father frost with the snow Maiden appear in the New academic year on the feast of first-graders, and in the Day of workers of oil, gas and fuel industry, to hold contests, and give gifts. Materials of the journal “how to entertain guests” № 6(157)2015, will not only tell you how to organize these celebrations, with the participation of Santa Claus, but also help to arrange viewing among brides fairy princesses, Agency for placement of children will tell you about his work, Baba Yaga will teach how to protect nature. And it included folk festival devoted Seninem, cooking party at Zovuni, honoring Golden anniversaries, games, songs, greetings and much more.