Italy: Venice - the famous carnival
  We managed to visit Venice carnival last year, but the same great atmosphere in Venice certainly prevails also in these days because famous Venice carnival is now in full…

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Holiday Agency
  Dnepropetrovsk, the Best public Agency of the city. "PUNCH""Want to organize a corporate event? Or you'll need to the organization of the holiday in Dnepropetrovsk?" We will create for…

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15 most colorful towns of the world


In big cities prefer to live is the proximity to civilization, so to speak, all at your fingertips, transport hubs and large shopping centres, authorities, exhibitions, museums, concerts, sports competitions and much more.

But sometimes the metropolis becomes so much that people from the bustle and from the overabundance of his likes tend to “retire” in a small but very bright and colorful, sometimes elegant, small towns.

If you go on a trip around the world, everywhere, the locals will show you the beauty of their towns and villages. But, despite all the friendliness and hospitality of the “natives”, there are few places on Earth, small towns which are particularly beautiful.

15 towns of the Earth, the most bright and colorful

Bled is situated on the banks of the same river in the Julian Alps, which grow in Italy and North-West of Slovenia.

Seven kilometres from the beautiful Venice, at the mouth of the same river, there is an island that you can walk along and across in 20 minutes. The population Burian only about 7 thousand people, but the town just prekrasno!

Footages That Was Used Lawang, Indonesia

Picturesque village located on the northeastern slope of the Indonesian Bromo mountain, world famous for its volcano.

Damüls, Austria

Small town Damüls – known ski resort in the district of Bregenz in Austria. The incredible beauty of the snow covered region is known for numerous “Christmas” photos, which is complete in the Network.

A small village of several hundred farmers in the province of XI’an dwells in an incredibly beautiful area.

Hallstatt, Austria

Another commune, but this time in another part of the world, — Hallstatt in FEDERALNOY the land of Upper Austria. Less than 1,000 residents of the village living in the heart of the Hallstatt culture in which locality is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Particularly beautiful views of the lake Hallstatter.

Tsutani, Taiwan

The small mountain town of Zsupan is located in Taiwan near Keelung. How Sosi, known for its beautiful folk festivals that complement the amazingly beautiful scenery.

Molivos, Greece

Molivos (or Mithymna) – the former center of the island of Lesbos in the Aegean sea. The ancient buildings and beautiful nature make this place a real Paradise for curious tourists.

Portofino, Italy

Italian village-commune lies close to Portofino from Genoa, on the Italian Riviera, which in itself speaks volumes. Surprisingly attractive place.

Positano, Italy

Another Italian town Polisano – was formerly a port of the medieval Republic of Amalfi. The heyday of the city is attributed to the 16th-17th century, and today it is the favourite place of rest of the very rich, just rich and not rich Italians and tourists from other countries.

Qaqortoq, Greenland

Polar settlement Qaqortoq in the South Danish Greenland was founded in 1775. Now, in this beautiful place is home to nearly three and a half thousand people who will never change local beauty to warm countries.

Reine, Norway

Norwegian village Reine long been home to fishermen, as well as the centre of Moskenes. Colorful island Mackenna, which is a village, part of the Lofoten Islands in the North-West from the mainland.

San Marino, Italy

The enclave of San Marino, surrounded on all sides by the territory of Italy, boasts a wonderful landscape types: the small city-state is Monte Titano height of almost 740 metres away and the warm Adriatic sea is less than 10 kilometers.

Shirakawa-go, Japan

Beautiful Shirakawa village is located in the northeastern part of the Japanese Prefecture of Gifu, with no less romantic name of the district – It.

Another great place in China is called Xitang. It is incredibly picturesque and the old town in Zhejiang province is famous because it serves the nine rivers!

As you know, the world is still very much beautiful and colourful cities and streets. To take, at least, Vozdvizhenka in Kiev! Do a Google search.