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Wine festival in Cyprus
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Sweden is the most beautiful and peaceful country in the world


Sweden is the most beautiful and peaceful country in the world. More than 100 years, Sweden remains neutral: country does not participate in wars. And she’s like no, other country ideal for relaxation. Her beauty, the uniqueness and purity of nature, indescribable rivers and lakes, clean air which is very easy to breathe, ancient cultural and historical monuments attracts tourists. But if you see a winding beautiful bays between the cliffs and the Islands who run away to nowhere, you will love this country. Ski resorts Sweden attract true lovers of the mountains and a good rest. In short you will not regret if you choose holidays in Sweden, as you will not be indifferent nature, monuments, holidays and customs of this country.

Lund is the oldest cultural center of Sweden. This is one of the most beautiful ancient cities in the world. Historical-architectural monuments of this city are famous all over the world. The city retained the Romanesque Church of the XI — XII century, the Cathedral is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. He will amaze you with its complexity and beauty of the building and, after visiting the Cathedral, you’ll feel transported to many centuries ago. Also cultural and historical center of the city is the Museum of antiquities and decorative arts, by visiting, you will learn all the secrets of antiquity and ancient art. The wooden Church of the XII – XIII century also holds a significant place in the city. The wooden Church of the time the parasite you with its beauty. There are many legends and folklore about this mysterious Church, and you will understand why so many of them when you see this hand-made works of man. You anywhere else in the world will not see such a well-preserved architectural buildings XI – XIII century.

Many national parks located throughout the country. Be sure to visit at least one of the parks, you will not regret it. As in the parks hosts many rare and beautiful plants. As for the whole nature of the city, it is just fantastic. The nature of the city is represented by mixed and coniferous-deciduous forests. The species composition of the vegetation is very rich. There are pines, oaks, spruce, Linden, and other beautiful plants. Diverse fauna and forests. It is home to bobcats, squirrels, bears, foxes, wolves, wild boars, badgers, moose. Many birds, especially songbirds. The scenery here is fabulous, clean air, clean rivers attract people. Seeing the nature of the city, you will always remember the light and clean air, a beautiful river, in a word remarkable beauty of the country. The nature of this city you can see forever and enjoy its indescribable beauty.

Many national holidays are held in the city. The most striking of which is the celebration of Midsummer – Midsummer day, Queen’s day light Lucia, Walpurgis night, and many other festivals in the city. Visiting at least one of the festivals in the city, you will want to stay with this city forever, as beautiful and, veseley, not celebrated any holiday in the world.

Visiting the oldest cultural center of Sweden — Lund — you will bring home only positive emotions and good mood. You will long remember the natural beauty of the city, its clean air, beautiful rivers, streams which you can find at almost every step in the woods. And not an ordinary architectural monuments of the country you will never forget, because such beauty is not just impossible to forget. And various museums, centers of arts and crafts will not leave you indifferent to this city. In short you will not regret visiting this country.