Rio de Janeiro - the City of carnivals.
  Rio de Janeiro will always remain for all the city of Samba. And every Friday evening in one of the neighborhoods you can watch the guitarist and the dancer.…

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Greeting Cards for congratulations - gif animation
Welcome to mir-animashki- on our site collected only the highest quality and the most beautiful animated cards . Of course, on our site is posted only free postcards that you…

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Holidays in January

January is a month of celebration! Each of the four weeks is January a few days-reasons to get together and spend time. For those planning vacations, I advise you to read this article and take note of interesting dates.

Holidays and great dates in January

1 January – New year and world peace day

Only the year began, and immediately two holiday! You can not make a fuss, behind the main celebration is better to devote this time of blissful idleness. Dress in something comfortable and curl up with a plate of treats and a book on which there was never enough time.

The slogan of the second of today’s holiday are the words: “Forgive, and you shall have peace.” A great reason to cleanse your soul from an old wound. Arrange a session for forgiveness, and you will enter the new year refreshed.

7 January – Christmas

Today we have to go to service in the Church. And in the evening, and to tell fortunes – began Yuletide. A great reason to gather with friends and ask destiny questions. Prepare a list of rituals and spend the evening interesting!

January 11 is international Thank you day

Today we need to say thankyou. And to do it sincerely, with feeling – whoever forgetsthat often recalls the expression “to live or to die”. Sincere same gratitude helps to increase existing benefits. But don’t think about it, saying “thank you” to life or to another person, otherwise it can become an attempt to negotiate your happiness.

13 January – Old New year

Another reason to “reset” his life, starting with a clean slate. Did not work the first of January, get through today (or rather tomorrow). Take two! Take to itself the right to control their own life and you will succeed.

January 19 – Baptism

The morning well go to the temple to sanctify the water. Epiphany water is considered to be healthful, it will help to cure any ailment, good for olivani, also it is possible to sprinkle the house. Thus, it is not necessary to put in the fridge – will not deteriorate. It turns out that healing is considered even normal water taken from an open body of water in Epiphany, despite the fact that she is not a Saint. So let’s go for some water!

January 21 is national hug day

May the hugs are tighter and longer than usual – the day tells it. The arms refer to the concept of nice Goodies. Or useful amenities – Yes, it’s more accurate. Why is it useful? It turns out that hugs stimulate the production of hormone-antidepressant oxytocin, while lowering the level of cortisol (a stress hormone), but that’s not all: add to the above lowering blood pressure and even mental development. Yes, we thought, basking in the embrace of a loved one, and now received confirmation from competent scholars. So go hug your health!

January 25 – Tatiana’s day

Initially Saint Tatiana was patronized by the Moscow University on moss. Later the entire student fraternity. This day was drunk: students and teachers. Even the motto was: “let’s Be merry and drunk a day beauties Tatiana”. Today, this day became an occasion to remember their student years and to congratulate the birthday girl and fellow students.

January 31 is the birthday of Russian vodka

On this day in 1865 a brilliant Mendeleev defended his thesis “the combination of alcohol with water”, in which he allegedly laid the Foundation of the recipe of Russian vodka. So simple with time proves his genius – it seems that the vodka was always. Certainly there are enthusiasts who will not want to miss this occasion. The main thing is moderation, then all will be nicely.

That’s how effective month is January! Take a break and enjoy life!