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The Most striking events and festivals Florence – news of tourism and travel

Florence – country holidays: the most striking events and festivals

Florence is captivating at any time of the year. And even those who have repeatedly visited this city knows that festive mood here you can return again and again. Perhaps, this explains what things to do in this city of Tuscany is always relevant. To do this in Florence are all possibilities. There is a wealth of international, national and local cultural festivals and events.

In January as part of a promotional campaign “Florentine winter” (19.01-28.01) at the Festival of chocolate and admire, and enjoy a delicious and unusual chocolate candy. Music festival – popular bands. The cultural program includes a masquerade ball, music shows, parades.

At the beginning of may (08.05-13.05) festival, which brings together gardeners from many countries – the international festival of irises . There is something to see at the time and hungry all the colorful tourists. The center of the event is the Piazza Michelangelo. The winner is selected by color, shape, odor, resistance to diseases.

Completes the spring together with may (23.05-27.05) ice cream Festival in Florence. This is still a very young festival was first held in 2010, but has already gained certain popularity. This is not surprising: the glory of Italian ice cream has spread far beyond Europe, and to visit Italy and not try it is equivalent, not to see the Roman Coliseum. The festival offers master classes, present books, contests. The main accused of all these actions it is Italian ice Cream.

The medieval feast of football (Calcio Storico Fiorentino) is held annually on June 24 and coincides with the Day of the city. People, dressed in colorful costumes (Calcio Storico is literally translated as “football in livery”), playing this game from the 15th century on the squares della Signoria, Santa Maria Novella and the Basilica of Santa Croce. There are no strict rules, the main thing is to score a goal, a cross between Greco-Roman wrestling, football and Rugby. The whole game looks more than impressive: players in colorful costumes, the judges in the outfits of the past centuries and ancient architecture, against which the action occurs. All this is accompanied by trumpets and fanfare. The stay in this case will be full of bright colors and lots of movement, because at the same time with games held a parade in costumes of the Renaissance, which is attended by both the riders and infantry. Closely followed by drummers. After midnight, colorful fireworks completes the act.

At the beginning of September (06.09-07.09) in Florence is a Festival of lanterns. According to the Catholic calendar, these dates correspond to the birthday of our lady. Holiday, like almost everything in Florence, historical. Its origins date back to the 17th century. At that time the inhabitants of neighboring towns came to Florence to honor the virgin Mary, and at the same time profitable to sell the product. Gradually, this day has become one of the largest urban fairs. Citizens who believed that dressed peasants dressed excessively lush, gave them the nickname, “flashlights”. The procession, which takes place from Santa Croce to Piazza Santissima-Annutsiata, headed by a cardinal.