Holidays and customs of the Ukrainian people
  Trinity, apostles ' fast, Midsummer. The birth of John the Baptist, Peter and Paul, the Prophet Elijah, Healer Panteleimon, Maccabeus, Saved. Transfiguration, The Dormition Of The Virgin. First Pure.…

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Culinary holidays and festivals in the cultural
  Cultural and educational center ETNOMIR is the largest Russian ethnographic Park-Museum under the open sky. ETNOMIR is not only ethnographic complex, but also a huge amusement Park. Every weekend…

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The world famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro opens on the Friday before the February “Ash Wednesday” and is considered the main event here. The annual colourful carnival – the parade of the Samba schools. The organization of the event was headed by the Ministry of tourism, and urban League of Samba schools in conjunction with the broadcasters that will be broadcasting from the streets of the city. Each school from year to year is a new program, in accordance with which it selects and manufactures Playground and costumes.

Do not remain without attention honing of skills of rhythm, choreography, as well as presentations and harmony among group members. It should be noted that many participants in the carnival for a whole year saving up money for the purchase and manufacture of costume, who will present at the parade.

Nominated annually only one Samba school that received the most points in the first League “special group”. The winners of the special group will receive cash prizes. As a rule, all contestants are of no less value is the availability of belonging to the winning school from the “special group”.

The order of presentations of schools determines a lot. The parade takes place on Sunday and Monday, every day perform on six schools. The number of participants in each group varies from 3 to 5 thousand people. Contestants perform 5-8 machines, dividing into subgroups to 40 people each. Guided by safety rules, each machine must be operated manually. The performance of each school to a maximum duration of 82 minutes. If you violate the terms, the school loses the accumulated points.

When performance is measured rhythmic precision strikes, singing, community cohesion school dances, as well as the artwork of the themes of the speech, the speech of women-bearer. Women are bearers of tradition are at the head of each procession, together with the master of ceremonies.

Ash Wednesday is famous for the calculations of points each school through the work of 40 of the arbitrators. They evaluate four in each of the ten categories, broadcast television companies broadcast live across the country. Win any of the schools comparable to the celebrated victory of the football team, with fireworks and celebrations of the school participants. Their opponents, who received second and third place also receive cash prizes.

The convenience of watching carnival due to the presence of the podium “Sambódromo” in the area of arts and Sciences. The stadium can hold up to 88 500 spectators. The carnival begins on the arena with a length of 700 meters. The parade starts at 21.00 daily and lasts for 10 hours.

The preparation for the next carnival takes place immediately after the end of the current carnival. Each League consists of thousands of professionals. The presence of private sponsors rather simplifies the lives of participants and reduces the cost of creating the costumes.

Course participants save for years in order to achieve the maximum heights in the parade. For tourists a Museum with the theme of the carnival. The Museum is located in the Sambadrome and every day throughout the year awaits its visitors. The entire staff of the Museum, is fluent in English, which allows each tourist to learn about the traditions and the other details of the carnival.

It is worth noting that during the procession of the carnival, the hotels of the city are experiencing a shortage of places for tourists and visitors, but also increase the cost of the hotel rooms. The majority of the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro leaving the city, during the carnival to enjoy their time with family. The local desire to leave their homes on the parade due to the opinion about the increased crime. This is not surprising given that the appearance on the streets millions of people celebrating, leads to an increase in the voltage of the criminal situation.