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Italy: Venice - the famous carnival
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Top 10 most beautiful Islands


 Ambergris Caye

And in the first place the list occupies the island, Ambergris Caye, located just North of Belize. Its coastline protect 306 km coral reef – the biggest coral chain in the Western hemisphere.

The island is a Paradise for divers. Its landmark, the so-called Great blue hole, a perfectly circular limestone sinkhole with a diameter of about 92 m and a depth of 122 m. it shark-fish-hammers, coral fish, neon gobies, etc.

But if you don’t like to swim, you’ll get the guided tour through the ruins of buildings of the ancient Mayan civilization or a walk through lush tropical forests.

In second place – the island of St. John in the Caribbean sea, one of the U.S. virgin Islands. Home “feature” of St. John’s – ecotourism. Here you can admire the wildlife in the national Park, Hiking, lying on the white sandy beaches, swim, engage in elevating photography and more.

Closes the three most beautiful Islands of Bora Bora, part of the archipelago of Society Islands in French Polynesia in the Pacific ocean. This island offers many opportunities for outdoor activities: you can arrange safaris, swim, sunbathe on the beaches, participate in a thrilling procedure of feeding the sharks or even rock climbing.

On the fourth place ranking is an archipelago of San Juan, in the U.S. state of Washington. To services of tourists – beautiful beaches, a national Park where you can go whale watching. San Juan is also one of the largest in America lavender farms – Pelindaba Lavender Farm. The island has many shops, restaurants and unique attractions.

Fifth place in the list of the most beautiful Islands is Greek Santorini (aka Thira), located in the Aegean sea. Particularly noteworthy are the beaches of the island, in particular Perissa, Kamari, Monolithos: they are distinguished by the black volcanic sand and deep clear water. Nearby tourist centres with hotels, cafes, beach bars and restaurants.

Isla Mujeres

A small Mexican island of Isla mujeres is located on the sixth place ranking. It is famous for its stunning beaches and monuments of the ancient Mayan civilization.

Near its shores to dive, watching the exotic fish, surf, swim to the boat, and when tired – relax on one of the famous sandy beaches. You can also sunbathe, taste delicious local cuisine with seafood or light Latin music in discos.

The island of Moorea from the ones mentioned here in the archipelago of the Society Islands, we give the seventh place ranking. This Atoll is located 17 km Northwest of Tahiti. Moorea is surrounded by the world’s largest system of coral reefs (about 3 thousand reefs), called motu.

Moorea is a Paradise for divers who can observe exotic underwater species. However, the same can be done while you are on land or floating on a boat with a transparent bottom.

Located in Thailand’s Koh Tao island (eighth place) got its name due to the local sea turtles (Turtle island). Ko Tao encounters the most beautiful sandy beaches on which you can lightly basking under the bright sun. Since clear there are approximately 300 days per year, the island is an ideal place for beach lovers.

Easter Island

The famous Easter Island in Chile to get not so easy: it is one of the most remote inhabited Islands in the world. However, the trip will pay off, because you’ll be able to see the very Mao – mysterious stone statues from volcanic ash. Touching an ancient mystery that you can relax on uncrowded beaches. This island we give to the ninth position in the ranking.

Closes the top ten most beautiful island of Nosy be, located at the Northern coast of Madagascar. This island is one of the most popular tourist places.

On Nosy be is a volcanic lake, fancy coral reefs and other worthy research. Noteworthy and fauna of the island: black lemurs, pasterova chameleons and small brookesia (one of the smallest chameleons in the world). In short, wildlife lovers will be delighted. And music fans better to come here in may, when the island hosts the famous music festival – Donia Music Festival.