Festivals, carnivals and festivals in Cuba
  Tourists love Cuba not only for the warm climate. Cuba attracts its unrestrained joy – if anyone does, and Cubans know a lot about the entertainment and noisy parties!…

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Holidays in January
January is a month of celebration! Each of the four weeks is January a few days-reasons to get together and spend time. For those planning vacations, I advise you to…

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Culinary holidays and festivals in the cultural


Cultural and educational center ETNOMIR is the largest Russian ethnographic Park-Museum under the open sky. ETNOMIR is not only ethnographic complex, but also a huge amusement Park. Every weekend offers a new entertainment – festivals and celebrations of the world, theme weekends, concerts, exhibitions, fairs and music programs. Park guests can come for one day or stay in one of the hotels in ethnic style. This summer the Park will host three major culinary festival, where guests can explore the cuisine of different Nations, attend master-classes on cooking, to see how the chefs prepare the best and, of course, to try a variety of dishes.

Festival of national cuisines, the “World of Taste” in the cultural and educational center ETNOMIR.

11, 12 July

Kitchen and culinary traditions – such as an integral component of culture, language, history and national art. 11 and 12 July ETNOMIR is a Festival of international cuisine, while guests will not only be able to try dozens of dishes from different cuisines, but also learn to cook some of them on their own. The festival cooking contest “world of taste”, the barman-show, Tepanyaki show and shows cryo-ice cream. At the festival you can participate in master classes under Indian sweets, vegetarian master class a master class on Italian cuisine, the culinary master class on Chinese, Thai cuisine, as well as a master class in cooking Ukrainian borsch.

The story of the famous desserts

3, August 4

3 and 4 August, guests of the Park will learn amazing stories about the origin of the world-famous desserts. French meringue, Belgian truffles, Spanish nougat, Eastern delight and churchkhela, and more. All the sweets you can taste and record any recipe.

In the Museum of the Russian stove, you can learn about what country produces the most chocolate, how much chocolate is eaten in Russia and how it appeared in our country. About sweet treats Slavs will tell in the “Sweets of Russia” – makunike, candy, Levashi is not only delicious but also very useful.

Holiday ice cream

8, 9 August

This weekend in the Park is a Paradise for sweet lovers! Sherbets and ice cream bar, frozen green tea and fruit ice, Italian, homemade, cheese and even fried ice cream, the cold dessert on the planet ICE’n GO, which is produced at a temperature of -198°C – try them all! These days, the organizers prepared a special entertainment program for children: game program “Dessert contest”, tasting of chocolate fondue and a quiz “Sweet life”.

Festival of Honey spas

August 15, 16

IV international festival “Honey Spas” is a wonderful event, reviving the Slavic tradition. This weekend ETHNOMIR invites all guests to taste a variety of traditional and unusual varieties of honey from around the world to learn about how and where produce the most useful honey, to taste the unique dishes of honey and a very real Mead. In the program output: honey fair and festivities.

In Russia said: “the Third was Saved by the bread store”. In the days of the celebration guests get to know the beloved tradition of the Slavic feast, taste a variety of bread products. Everyone will be able to participate in master classes on baking and participate in educational programs.