The Most striking events and festivals Florence - news of tourism and travel
Florence – country holidays: the most striking events and festivals Florence is captivating at any time of the year. And even those who have repeatedly visited this city knows that…

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Greeting Cards for congratulations - gif animation
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Summer holidays


Warm summer holidays start on June 1 with light children’s holiday: international day of protection of children. June 2, only the Irish continue to rejoice: there comes the June local holiday. 5 June is world Day of environmental protection, for the same number this year falls and Orthodox Ascension day. On 9 June over the world celebrate friends, 12 is Russia Day, a 14 – world blood donor Day.

June 17 is world Day to combat desertification and drought 20 – world refugee Day. June 23 – international Olympic day, the 24th of Slavic Midsummer day, the 25th Day of friendship and unity of the Slavs. 27 June – the world Day of fishery.

July begins a series of professional holidays in certain countries and a couple national: it’s Canada Day (Canada) and Day of the Communist party of China. July 2 – international sports journalists Day, July 4, Americans celebrate independence Day. 6 July – a great date, because it is international kissing day! On this day, Buddhists celebrate the birth of the Dalai Lama, but these holidays are not connected to each other.

July 14 is Bastille Day, 18 – national day Hot dog in the U.S., 20 – international Day of chess. 21 July – marine Day in Japan, Slavic Perunov day and Day of Belgium. On July 24, the Orthodox world celebrates the Day of Saint Olga. On 25 July falls this year, the Day of the system administrator, and 28 – day public relations specialist, July 30, Muslims celebrate the Night (!) The Ascension Of Prophet Muhammad.

The August holidays open Jamaican emancipation Day, the day celebrate the Day of national cinema. On 4 August this year falls in the canadian Civil day – holiday, established in 1871 in the middle of a hot summer the Canadians had another free weekend. August 9 – international Day of indigenous peoples of the world, in the USA celebrate Day of protection of forests from fire.

12 August international youth Day celebrated, 13 – world left-handers Day. August 14 is the birthday of Portuguese bullfighting, and 15 – Night wandering spirits in China. According to Chinese beliefs, the first day of the seventh moon, in late August or early September, temporarily freed from hell the souls of the dead visit the living world and remain on the earth for 15 days.

August 15, Catholics celebrate the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary, and 16 – day of love in Israel (an unofficial holiday commemorating Christian Valentine’s Day). On 26 August the Orthodox world holds a Celebration in honor of the icon of the Mother of God “Softener of evil hearts”, and 28 celebrates the assumption of virgin Mary.

Ends summer time, ahead of the autumn cold, summer memories, the anticipation of winter and three months of autumn holidays.