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Rio de Janeiro - the City of carnivals.
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What famous Venetian carnival?


“Off Convention!” – motto of any carnival. But first, it concerns the carnival in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Venice. No wonder he is considered the most romantic on the planet. Mind-blowing by itself, a city on the water, during the party is converted into a solid extravaganza, in which a sense of reality becomes relative.

In such a romantic criteria daily rules lose all meaning. And as said by the participants of the carnival, this looseness is, perhaps, only in dreams and dreams. Because for centuries, due to this fact, the carnival of Venice has become increasingly popular.

According to official data of the Venetian carnival, appeared in the late eleventh century, as religious Fasting before Easter. Well, the word “carnival” says for itself, the base of which are two Latin roots: carno – meat and vale – goodbye, i.e. the rejection of meat, which sounds Italian like “carnis laxatio” or “carnasciale”. The award of the occurrence of this party belongs to the ruler of Venice, the Doge Vitale Faliero, which in One thousand and ninety-four year issued about this special decree.

Over time, these severe restrictions were forgotten, and the carnival turned into a joyous party, becoming at One thousand two hundred and ninety 6 year by decision of the Senate of the Venetian Republic official public party, which was celebrated on the last day before great Lent.

But it wasn’t always. For example, in the late eighteenth century, during the turbulent revolutionary events, the carnival was not held and was revived only in the seventies of the past century.

Usually, at the moment, the carnival of Venice lasts 10 days and is held in front of the Stately Lent, which begins immediately after the end of the carnival.

As the historians say, even in Puritan middle ages during the carnival canceled all social constraints. Behind masks and colorful costumes and it was impossible to make out: you’re either a beggar rich man. In those davesne times “disguised” rogue could count on the return of the Princess, and the Prince, ignoring the exclusivity of his blood, could seduce ordinary lady.

This ability for a romantic relationship and now lured thousands of people from different States of the world to Venice. To take part in the Venice carnival, it is enough to have just the mask or carnival costume, which at this time can be purchased on every corner.

In the Windows of numerous shops and stalls in the open air, you can just build heaps carnival items: different masks, colorful cloaks and hoods. Equip all right, you can sail to St. Mark’s square, which will host the official opening of the party, which traditionally begins with the flight of the angel with the famous 99-meter bell tower of San Marco. Then arranged in different theatrical performances. Then in the sky there is a huge amount of balloons, and the square overwhelm tons of confetti. And what will happen next and what to do – no one knows.

And here is the romantic adventure begins. At this time the city becomes one big Playground for entertainment.

Through the narrow streets marching in procession, and through channels, topped with different colors gondolas in crazy masks and suits and ride people, singing along with paddling gondoliers joyful songs. The whole of Venice, with its streets, channels, bars, restaurants at this time is entirely in celebrating the town’s inhabitants and visitors.

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The XI international festival-contest BLOSSOMING CZECH
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