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Italy: Venice – the famous carnival


We managed to visit Venice carnival last year, but the same great atmosphere in Venice certainly prevails also in these days because famous Venice carnival is now in full swing.

A bit of history

The tradition of rich, carefree and very lush celebrations dates back to the XI century. Even then, the Carnival of Venice was a movable festival in the period before Ash Wednesday. Since ancient times it is very important role was played by the masks that were erased, or at least tried to erase, class or social differences among people. Because, underneath the king’s very easy to be a beggar and, conversely, the beggar becomes king. Under the mask of the townspeople could, nobody unidentified, engage bezugnahme entertainment. During the XVIII century Venetian carnival began gradually to decline, and finally almost completely stopped. It was renewed in 1979, and since then has attracted a huge number of tourists.

The carnival is in full swing

This year the popular festival in Venice will be held from January 26 to February 12, 2013 so you still have the opportunity to participate in this unprecedented celebration. Many travel agencies, as in other years, offer to experience the unique atmosphere of this huge event in a longer or shorter stays. But to go there you can own. In this case, it is best to find out if somewhere else there is a free room at the normal price because travel to Venice and back on the car, and all day to admire the beauty of the masks and enjoy the unique atmosphere, and in the evening again to sit behind the wheel, there would be the most reasonable.

The Venetian carnival theme change every year. We fully absorbed the extraordinary brilliance and imagination of this event, which this year even more spectacular and colorful because the leitmotif of this year, loosely translated, is: “Enjoy the colors, or life – colorful”.

Every year the Venice carnival enjoy not only tourists, but most residents of Venice who work on their masks for a few months in advance. We also could not resist, and in one of the stalls, of which there were countless, bought at least a small mask. Together with masks till evening we enjoyed roaming in the city and atmosphere. Hidden in the crowd of cheerful masks, you can walk well and forget about the dullness and everyday worries. Thanks to the mask, you can be anything you want-a clown, a Queen, a Prince or a pauper. Under the mask you can make jokes, to concentricity or just a romantic moment. Right now this is the moment when you can act naturally. This is the moment when reality can be whatever you want it to have. Venetian carnival, of course, need to enjoy it to the fullest and not to resist his charms.

If you have not personally visited the Venice carnival, you may be inspired by our pictures in the appropriate gallery (find it HERE ) and maybe even this year or in the future, you go there.

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