The XI international festival-contest BLOSSOMING CZECH
Participants: Choreography, Vocal (all genres), instrumental music, circus, theatre, plain-air Price: from 395 EUR About the festival Festivals General categories protected by the Ministry of education of the Czech Republic…

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The Festival is over. Long live the festival! Festival in Olvia
  On Saturday afternoon in the reserve a landing Nikolaev scouts who cleaned up the place for the future of the festival is a natural amphitheatre, created by nature on…

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Festivals of Crete


Festivals in Crete spend often, and scale. The locals love to celebrate everything, literally..

Walk entire villages and even cities, happy to engage in a maelstrom of irrepressible fun of tourists. Dances, songs, music, and, of course, the magnificent Cretan food

At such events, as nowhere else, we can estimate easy disposition and kindness of the local people, and into the unique Cretan atmosphere in the ancient traditions and events.

About holidays in Crete would be complete without these wonderful days.

Agricultural festivals

The celebration of the blooming of Spring with the collection of colors, wreath making. They decorated doors and everything that comes his way. Goes everywhere on the 1st of may.

Sardine festival. The main character – these dishes from the freshly caught sardines. The Greeks know a lot of seafood, and this may be the best fish dishes not to try anywhere else. The most colorful events are held in early September in the city Court (Souda Bay) and beach (Nea Chora) in the area of Chania. And in mid-July near the village Farm near the southern town of Ierapetra . what in the Lasithi region . And in October in the resort town of Elounda is an excellent fish festival.

The wine festival. Initially he was held in July and November, and is now held throughout the season in different villages and cities. Moreover, in each locality its own traditions. Wine and local drinks flow like water. The most spectacular is the festival in the town of Rethymno at the end of July. And the third week of November, almost everywhere the festivals opening of new wine barrels.

The grape festival and harvest also takes place in many places, but the most interesting takes place in the town of Sitia in the 20s of August. And in some villages, the ancient celebration of the “Trigos”, accompanied by traditional dancing girls on grapes.

The Chestnut Festival. Held in October. Such an abundance of dishes from this product are not doing anywhere in the world. Everywhere open markets, where you can buy not only chestnuts, and all that your heart desires. The capital of this holiday is considered the ELOS village near Kissamos ( Chania )

Festival of the completion of the harvesting season. Held in late October – early November. Festivities unfold all over Crete. And it is very likely that you will get a gift of a wonderful bottle of freshly pressed olive oil.

Festival of apricots, raisins and lemon . Held throughout August, particularly in the villages and towns of the region of Rethymno.

Cheese festival and the Shepherd in the village of Zoniana (near Chania) in July. To see how it made some of the best cheeses in the world. Few surviving places where this product is prepared the same way as thousands of years ago. In 2011, the villagers set a Guinness world record, welded cheese weight 1130 kg.

Festival sheep shearing in the region of Psiloritis. Takes place in June. While his friends and relatives shearers, and then feasting, treating everyone who comes into view.

Cultural and historical festivals of Crete

As far as the Greeks valued food and agriculture it is clear by the number of festivals held. However, in Crete, there are many cultural and historical activities, including many events dedicated to honoring the saints.

If you think that all the celebrations associated with the names of the saints are with Chinna service in the Church, concentrated persons, you are deeply mistaken. Of course, the service is there, and she is always very beautiful and soulful. Locals polls believers, are very sensitive related to its traditions and culture.

But, it’s the Cretans…They eat, drink and have fun can’t. Therefore, all the festivals devoted to religious holidays, accompanied by tables, cultural programs and shows.

Such festivals are also very interesting. Special respect among the inhabitants of Crete is the mother of God and St. Nicholas (the Wonderworker). In these Holy days festivals are held in all the settlements.

And the most beautiful festivals devoted to music and art, held in the medieval fortresses of the island.