What famous Venetian carnival?
  "Off Convention!" – motto of any carnival. But first, it concerns the carnival in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Venice. No wonder he is…

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Festivals of Crete
  Festivals in Crete spend often, and scale. The locals love to celebrate everything, literally.. Walk entire villages and even cities, happy to engage in a maelstrom of irrepressible fun…

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DANCE OPEN Ballet Festival


Festival “DANCE OPEN” takes every spring in St. Petersburg the world ballet stars, the leaders of the world’s ballet companies and students of ballet schools from around the world. In recent years, the festival “overgrown” unique additional program – kinoproduktsii, scientific-practical conference, an exhibition of photographs and much more. This forum has long been of interest not only to professionals, versed in ballet art, but also a wide range of audience of different social strata.

One of the most influential British publications, the newspaper “The Independent” . called DANCE OPEN in the top ten of the best European festivals. Major Russian and international media coverage of the festival events in their reports. On the basis of the St. Petersburg TV channel “100 TV” was implemented broadcast concerts tenth DANCE OPEN. The entire journalistic elite – the channel “Culture”, “Russia 24”, “REN-TV”, “TV-Center”, the newspaper Izvestiya, “Vedomosti”, “Kommersant”, “Arguments and facts”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “St.Pet.Times”, “OpenSpase” covered events, exciting glitterati ballet and dance. Festival Dance Open is the most important event in the cultural life of St. Petersburg and across the country. And how great artists were not assembled festival, dance will always be his most enduring hero.

Master classes for children from all over the world for eleven years attract the world’s best educational establishments for young guys wanting to get into the ballet, are the leading choreographers and ballet masters. A gala concert dedicated to the anniversaries of the great dancers, for the past several years are held within the festival. But for eleven years unchanged the culmination of the project is a Grand GALA CONCERT of WORLD BALLET STARS in BKZ “October” . To participate in the main event of the Festival from year to year are invited only star performers at the peak of his career of the most famous ballet companies in the world.

Closed Award Ceremony DANCE OPEN became the highest-status event. Chairman of the jury of the Award for the third year is the legend of the world ballet, ballerina Natalia Makarova . Ballet festival DANCE OPEN collects as members of the jury of the leaders of the world’s best ballet companies.

Awards to the dancers handed the stars of Russian art, sports and movies, in previous years it has been – Alisa Freundlich, Nikolai Valuev, Alina Kabaeva, Tamara Moskvina, Alexander Domogarov, Mikhail Boyarsky, Eduard Hil, Eugene Dyatlov, Daria Moroz, Konstantin Bogomolov, Love Tolkalina, Alla Sigalova, Vyacheslav Malafeev and many others. The best ballerinas and dancers get the coveted statuette, a copy of the replica with the feet of Anna Pavlova – recognized in their field professionals.

These and many other media persons, representatives of business and cultural circles attended the Ceremony in 2012. Like last year, this event has become one of the most exquisite celebrations of St. Petersburg. DANCE OPEN is brilliant gala concerts, and master classes with leading teachers, exhibitions, conferences and film screenings, as well as the international ballet award. Ballet festival Dance Open for a few days will bring together spectators and participants from different cities and countries, allows you to plunge into an incomparable atmosphere. Unique ballet festival has long enjoyed worldwide fame.