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Holidays and customs of the Ukrainian people


Trinity, apostles ‘ fast, Midsummer. The birth of John the Baptist, Peter and Paul, the Prophet Elijah, Healer Panteleimon, Maccabeus, Saved. Transfiguration, The Dormition Of The Virgin. First Pure.

The Trinity is celebrated on the 50th day after Easter. The Bible says that on this day came down on the apostles the grace of the Holy spirit. In the people the Pentecost is celebrated for three days. The first day, that Green, or Klechalnoe Sunday, the second – Klechalniy Monday and the third – Bogodukhov day.

In Green Sunday need to be especially careful, as this day the greatest aggressiveness of Miwok, mermaids, petercat and other evil spirits.On this day, to go to the cemetery and commemorate the dead relatives, necessarily leaving them any food. In Klechalnoe Monday after Church sanctifies the field that the Lord would protect them from hail and fire. In Bogoduhov day sanctified wells. “Trinity three holidays rich: flowers, herbs and ruddy in the summer..”

The apostles ‘ fast is celebrated on the second week after Trinity. Its duration depends on the Trinity, since it ends on 12 July, on the day of Peter and Paul. According to the legend Kiev was established by Saint Peter at the request of the women and men who hayfields drank too much milk.

In the people specific prohibitions at the time of this post does not really hold, as too much hard work, and the holidays are ahead. “Petrovka – bread hunger strike..”

Midsummer. The Birth Of John The Baptist. – is celebrated on 7 July. In pre-Christian time the Slavs celebrated the feast of Kupalo, i.e. the Sun. by the merging of Christian and pagan traditions and formed a Midsummer holiday. The main entertainment of the evening of Midsummer are jumping over the fire, and before this ritual was given magical significance.

On the day of Ivan Kupala tried to heal the dew,and went through a massive collection of medicinal herbs. Special healing power endowed Midsummer grass, which should be assembled to the rising of the Sun “.”

Peter and Paul is celebrated on July 12. The day is named in honor of the apostles of Christ, Peter and Paul. In people, this day is the traditional beginning of the harvest. To this day it is necessary to prepare their homes, put it in order.

To Petrovanu day special baked biscuits – “Mandryka”. It is the “Mandraki”, according to legend, choked cuckoo, when he tried to steal it from St. Peter. Saint Peter is the patron Saint of livestock and harvest. “If on St. Peter’s day heat, on Christmas day frost.”

The prophet Elias is celebrated on August 2. Saint Elijah, the patron Saint of lightning and thunder. It was he with the terrible weapons of lightning raced across the sky brazen devils.

On the day of the prophet Elijah, and after him, it is forbidden to swim in any reservoir, as Saint Ilia allowed to govern in water, only the righteous souls of the dead, or to wash the sins of dead sinners. Strictly punishes Ilya those who will not comply with the ban on their back can grow a willow branch, or one of the dead can get to the light. “On this day, before summer lunch and after lunch autumn.”

Healer Panteleimon is celebrated on 9 August. In people, this day is called Palimpa. Saint Panteleimon protects homes, fields, property from lightning and fire. In order that would to protect yourself from all these disasters it is necessary to pray to the icon of St. Panteleimon.

On Panteleimon healers from medical prepare a broth of herbs, which treat Pets. “.”

Maccabeus is celebrated on August 14. Holiday honest rendering of the ancient Holy cross, or as it is popularly called Makove or First Saved. On the eve of Makove need to prepare a “makomaski flower” is a bouquet that consists of many plants – mint, thyme and other wild plants. With each plant has its own, unique magical value. Then all this beauty, along with several heads of poppy is sanctified in the Church.

On Maccabeus sanctify wells and springs. This day is considered childish and girlish holiday, so young people trying to work. It was noticed that it was after Maccabeus begin to fly off to warmer climes first birds. “.”

Saved. The Transfiguration Of The Lord. – is celebrated on August 19. The feast of the Transfiguration one of the 12 greatest Orthodox holidays. In people, this day is called the Second Saviour. It is a harvest festival, on this day in the churches sanctify the fruits of the earth: pears, plums and other fruit trees. The greatest popularity and fame are apples, even has a third name of the holiday “Apple Spas”.

Especially prepared for this day beekeepers. They need to sanctify hives, honey treat neighbours, orphans and the infirm. Because of this, there was a tradition to eat apples with honey. “Christ has come – gone summer from us.”

The Assumption Of The Virgin. First Pure. – celebrated on August 28. According to the biblical account it is on this day died the virgin Mary, popularly, as this holiday is called the First pure. This day begins sowing ozimic. The beginning of the sowing of the people attached special importance, this applies to both spring and autumn sowing. Also on this day the ceremony of the workpiece viburnum, which has become a symbol of Ukraine. Kalina collect the girls. This should be done after the Church service.

From the First pure begin mating action – “Ogadeni” and “engagement”. So this day look forward to unmarried girls, and the guys are worried, not to have to taste of pumpkin porridge. “Come pure matchmakers carries impure.”