Summer holidays
  Warm summer holidays start on June 1 with light children's holiday: international day of protection of children. June 2, only the Irish continue to rejoice: there comes the June…

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Summer festivals
  Each time, their advantages, but the summer – the most vivid and exciting time, and summer festivals – much more than all the days in a year. It was…

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Bright holidays of the world

Modern brides and grooms are some dislike winter so rarely are planning a wedding in the cold season. Although the tradition of throwing the wedding in winter existed among our people for centuries. However, if you decide to get married in the winter, or it just happened that a honeymoon can be sent only in the cold season, don’t despair. Winter travel has its charm, romantic flair and the skillful organization can turn into a real fairy tale.

Positive aspects of a wedding trip in the winter is the lack of crowds of tourists, mothers with screaming children, queues, and reasonable prices. The negative side is cold and unpredictable weather. Although, if your hotel is covered with snow – there will be an additional opportunity to retire and spend time together.

If you want to relax together and enjoy a romantic honeymoon – don’t plan the trip for the winter holidays. Trust, privacy, you can only on a desert island. In other, civilized, places of the globe you will be greeted by festive noise, noise, queues, crowds, and prices for holiday tours can spoil your mood even in love.

The winter holidays can be (conditionally) be divided into two areas. First – “chasing summers” – implies the holidays in warm countries, preferably on the coast of the sea or ocean. Second – “the pleasure of romance winter tale”: travels in foreign countries, rest on the nature (forest, mountains), skiing.

Winter is the perfect time for a honeymoon abroad. If you want warmth, you can go to Egypt, to the Dominican Republic, the island of Bali, in Thailand, in Australia, finally. For winter snow romance of the city you can go to Paris, Vienna, and Prague. These cities seems to be just made for lovers. And stiff and cold UK are happy to offer you hot tea, burning fireplace (in front of which lies the real skin) and comfortable room in an old castle covered with snow. For Breakfast, of course, oatmeal!

The beauty and charm of winter can be felt in full, please visit the North of Europe. Can go on a honeymoon to Norway to the Northern fjords or try to fish on the frozen lakes of Finland. By the way, Finland is a great place for a romantic getaway in all seasons. In the land of a thousand lakes, the place is secluded and just breathe romance. Finns and Sami love active rest on nature, so there are many cozy and comfortable chalets are built in beautiful places. And Holland and the Netherlands will allow you to not only see a lot of attractions, but also provide the opportunity to skate on the frozen canals.

If you do not want to go far – choose our neighbor Poland. Walking through the medieval streets of Krakow or Warsaw will give a lot of impressions and nights in cozy cafes next to the fireplace.

Newlyweds who prefer an active holiday, we can recommend the ski resorts of Switzerland or Poland. The lovers are configured on non-standard and exotic vacation option, you can choose a trip to the Arctic circle and spend their honeymoon in Greenland. In this country, the newlyweds will offer to stay in the ice Palace, worthy of the Snow Queen. Comfortable rooms and a long polar night will make honeymoon “hot” and unforgettable.

You are not ready for the journey into the possession of the Snow Queen? Then you can visit another fairytale character – Santa Claus. The owner of winter there are two residences on the territory of the CIS, one in Russia in the city of Veliky Ustyug, and the second in Belarus on the territory of the ancient Bialowieza Forest. Both residences are towns for tourists. Nearby there are comfortable hotels, ready to take the newlyweds. Another option for winter wedding journey – a visit to Lapland in the fairyland Santa Claus. This honeymoon the newlyweds will remember for a long time, and the kids will have something to say.

I wish that wedding journey was a continuation of the holiday? Go to Brazil, because in the winter there is one of the most exciting holidays of our world – Brazilian carnival. A riot of colour, music, dancing – the trip will not leave you indifferent. But there is one drawback, you bude difficult to retire, because the holiday is held in non-stop mode.

Another option vacation-holiday – stormy carnival in Venice. This city also belongs to the benevolent to love and surrounded by special romantic ambiance. A winter romance is not a hindrance.

If there is no desire or opportunity to go abroad – not a problem, maybe it’s for the best. In Ukraine there are lots of beautiful and romantic corners, but the journey itself will be released in less expensive (as is fashionable to say – crisis). And the road will take less time that the winter is very important. Where you can go on a honeymoon? The choice is very large: the Carpathians, the Crimea, Kamenetz-Podolsk, Kiev. To continue very long, but that’s another story.