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Festivals, carnivals and festivals in Cuba


Tourists love Cuba not only for the warm climate. Cuba attracts its unrestrained joy – if anyone does, and Cubans know a lot about the entertainment and noisy parties!

During festivals, celebrations and carnivals of Cuba attracts a lot of people wishing to enjoy the atmosphere of merriment – at this time the Cubans satisfied with the meal, go around the city in bright clothes and otherwise enjoy life. Cuban festivals and carnivals – the best way to instantly lift your spirits and positive energy for the whole year ahead!


A large portion of the Cuban population professes Catholicism, but the Catholic Christmas in December is celebrated not as bright as, for example, in Europe. The reason for strict prohibitions associated with the Communist past of the Republic. To celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, it was banned until 1998.

But the New year is here to meet fun – after a Christmas dinner in the family circle Cubans and visitors to the Island of Freedom to come to the area or beaches and have fun – good, hot climate that promotes much more than we do. New year’s eve you can go to the disco, concert, stroll in the streets of big cities (where the Christmas holidays are celebrated most clearly) or to celebrate the holiday on the beach and watch the stars.

New year celebration in Cuba blends in the most important holiday of the country – The day of liberation and victory of the Cuban revolution, which is celebrated here on January 2. On this day the President speaks to Cubans with solemn speech, and the holiday itself (which is the official holiday) is celebrated with parades, processions with music and other activities.

Interestingly, the Cubans have kept the tradition of celebrating may 1. So if you can’t wait to experience the nostalgic atmosphere of the Soviet spring festival – feel free to come to Cuba in early may. On the day of may day in the capital held a demonstration in the best traditions of the socialist countries, and then – folk festivals to night.

Another solemn day and a national holiday from the Cubans is considered to be July 26 – the Day of National Rebellion. The most vivid demonstrations, parades and festivities are held this day in the major cities of Cuba – Havana and Santiago de Cuba.

10 October in Cuba celebrate Independence Day. This day is noisy, with music and fireworks. Cubans gather at the statue of Carlos Manuel Céspedes – “the father of the nation” on the main square in Havana, placing him lush flowers.


The first week of December – the international festival of new Latin American cinema. It is considered the most important festival for the Spanish-speaking world. At the festival awards by type “Oscar”. During the film festival screenings are held in all theaters of Havana almost around the clock.

December – international jazz festival (held every 2 years). This jazz fest is carried out in Havana. The next jazz festival in Cuba is planned in 2015.

Of the brightest cultural events of Cuba is also the Festival of the sound (contemporary music festival), international guitar festival (may), as well as festivals of ballet and theatre ( September ).

The end of February – international festival of Cuban cigars. In the five-day program of the festival – fairs, exhibitions, concerts, competitions and auctions dedicated to Cuban cigars. This is a good opportunity to review this product and buy good cigars yourself a gift.

Carnivals in Cuba

The most interesting and striking spectacle are Cuban carnivals. They are intertwined Catholic and pagan beliefs, and incendiary Cuban temperament makes the holidays even more enchanting.

The biggest and brightest carnival events take place in Cuba in the summer – in Havana and Santiago de Cuba.

Havana carnival – is held on weekends from July 15 to August 15.

The basic steps of the Havana carnival is happening on the capital’s Malecon. There, dressed in spectacular costumes of the participants having fun, drinking and dancing from morning till night. Along the main street of the city are moving huge platforms which compete in brightness and different rhythm carnival teams from all over Cuba. The costumes, dancing and shows the participants of the carnival is cooked almost the entire year to become the best at this carnival procession.

The highlight of the Havana carnival is a procession of giant figures that depict Cuban politicians. Everywhere music, exploding fireworks. So if you want to participate in this unique celebration of soul and heart, then you should go to Cuba in July and August.

Carnival in Santiago de Cuba

At the end of July there is another carnival – not already in Havana and in Santiago de Cuba. During the carnival the streets are parades, fireworks and sound music and hot Cuban guys and girls dance is so contagious that all the tourists are instantly drawn into this celebration of life. I love exotic cocktails give them inspiration to dance until morning.