Holidays and customs of the Ukrainian people
  Trinity, apostles ' fast, Midsummer. The birth of John the Baptist, Peter and Paul, the Prophet Elijah, Healer Panteleimon, Maccabeus, Saved. Transfiguration, The Dormition Of The Virgin. First Pure.…

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Festival of clowns in Sokolniki
  September 12, 2015 at Sokolniki Park will host the 7th international open festival of clown art ClownFest. On Saturday in Sokolniki will be held master classes for children and…

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The Most striking events of spring

The Main and the most striking event, which is open to all travellers, who visited Azerbaijan in the spring, is the holiday of Novruz – the symbol of spring. Every year on March 21 the whole of Azerbaijan meets this ancient folk festival by preparing yourself for four weeks. Many holiday traditions and rituals of Nowruz whole March surprise and impress foreign visitors. Many people specially go to the regions, for example, in the village of Yukhari Salahli, where they witness a classic ritual, like old times. During the celebration of Novruz in Azerbaijan it is customary to visit, exchange gifts and many sweets that are sure baked in every home.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev annually on the eve of Novruz Holiday treats congratulations to the Azerbaijani people and the members of his family involved in the festivities, which take place in Baku in front of the Maiden Tower in the Old town and the National seaside Park. September 30, 2009 Nowruz was included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. A February 23, 2010 the United Nations declared March 21 the International day of Novruz.

Azerbaijani spring are all pleased with the wonderful weather and stormy generous variety of natural colors. At this time of the year, Azerbaijani cooks will offer a real vitamin menu featuring young juicy, spicy and sweet herbs. Although in winter it always is on sale, but nothing to compare spring grass? Gourmets will surely green Qutab, Kuku, sabzi plov. Want to appreciate the uniqueness of culinary products, to participate in the festivities Pilaf, to try more than fifty (!) species of this signature dish of Azerbaijani cuisine with tender lamb meat, herbs, chestnuts, apricots, dogwood, raisins, traditionally served on a huge platter? Cinnamon, cloves, pepper, saffron, cumin and other spices give the dish a very exotic taste.

Another important event Azerbaijani spring attracts many tourists from abroad, connoisseurs and music lovers. In March Baku hosts international festival “World of Mugham” that the Heydar Aliyev Foundation organizes in the capital “the International Center of mugham”. In the framework of the festival in our country come famous performers of this popular musical genre, the professionals of the art of mugham, and in parallel with the competitions for performers of mugham, numerous mugham operas and concerts of symphonic and classical mugham there are international scientific symposia. The festival ends with a gala concert that gathers crowds in the Baku Palace named after Heydar Aliyev.

Bright Holiday colors on the Boulevard in may – it’s a real palette of artistic festival that will paint a picture of fresh flowers, and identification of the pavilions are huge lawns in the Central squares of Baku and kilometer overpass seaside Park. Thousands and thousands of blooming flowers, sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow, which brought specially for this celebration from many countries, skilled craftsmen turn into an unforgettable paintings, murals, frescoes and sculptures.

Spring is a magnificent and far beyond Baku. Gabala in honor of the splendid beauty of the Caucasus mountains foreigners nicknamed little Switzerland. Mountain meadows and forests attract tourists with its beauty. Hunters and anglers are always happy with the results of their campaigns. It’s a Paradise for lovers of ecological tourism. In the North-West of Azerbaijan’s ancient mosques, temples, mausoleums compete with unique natural artifacts. Tourists usually visit that shines like the sun “the Golden rock”, an Alpine pasture (pasture) “the Golden throne”, blue canyon “Inja” (“Graceful”), black sheep mountain, deep into a lush riparian forest along rivers or in the caves of mount Aveidah.

Not always Azerbaijan was m musulmanskoi country. From the 4th to 9th century A. D. in Northern Azerbaijan spread Christianity. Novruz is celebrated, according to different sources in 5-6 centuries BC and perhaps even earlier, in the 10-11-th, that is, long before the advent of Islam and Christianity. Always celebrated lavishly. Went the procession of horse and foot, noble people participated in the festivities, for people exposed food, in ceremonies attended by local craftsmen and artisans, poets and musicians. On the streets it was fun and noisy. This is from the history. And then…

Before Novruz need to pay off debt, get out of the house. Novruz is a holiday of the Azerbaijani engineers. Home prazdnicho enabled everywhere light, dark corners should not remain. All lit everywhere as bright as day. If there is no electricity, light candles. Invite guests. The Russians New year is a holiday home with. And it is believed that if you meet him not at home, the whole of the year then will knock about. In Novruz like. Consider, if you do not hold the Novruz holiday with family, the next seven years, the family will not be able to come together on this holiday. Alcoholic drinks during the celebration, don’t drink, only tea. Eat nuts, raisins, baklava, prepared a national delicacy scarboro, boduberu, Kohala… be Sure to paint the eggs straight, as Orthodox Easter. As Orthodox, Azerbaijanis feast arrange competitions, breaking eggs. Winner gets an extra egg to eat and be twice happier in the new year.