Summer festivals
  Each time, their advantages, but the summer – the most vivid and exciting time, and summer festivals – much more than all the days in a year. It was…

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Festivals of Crete
  Festivals in Crete spend often, and scale. The locals love to celebrate everything, literally.. Walk entire villages and even cities, happy to engage in a maelstrom of irrepressible fun…

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Original Christmas tree with your hands


Winter is approaching and before the Christmas holidays is fast approaching. Many of us are already asking the idea to shape and prepare your home to the longest, bright and cheerful winter holidays. Traditional Christmas decor is considered to be beautifully decorated forest of spruce and various compositions using fir branches. In this article we will concentrate on the creation of original Christmas trees with his own hands.

Christmas decorative Christmas trees can be created from a variety of materials, fabric, sequins, yarn, paper cutting, tree bark and much more, all limited only by the imagination of the wizard creating the forest beauty.

Using the cone of Styrofoam and cutting out of paper you can create very beautiful and elegant Christmas tree. Cutting of paper can be done using shaped punches for scrapbooking. A cone of Styrofoam can be replaced by a cone of thick paper or cardboard. Cutting the cone can be glued with glue or fix decorative needles.

Very festive and will look elegant Christmas tree decorated with sequins. The principle of creating such a tree, as in the previous embodiment, only instead of paper cuttings are used sequins of different diameter.

For the preparation of the interior in vintage style for the winter holidays as decoration, you can make a Christmas tree, decorated with music sheets . As a basis for such Christmas trees used cardboard or Styrofoam cone. From music sheets to cut circles of the same diameter and glue on the glue to the workpiece – cone rows, starting from the bottom. Additionally, to the base of the tree can be stuck with a curly stem.

Very impressive and unusual look decorative Christmas trees decorated cloth. Additionally you can make fringe, decorative laces, beautiful buttons and beautiful legs. Base — cone winter trees can be made from cardboard.

For an interior rustic can make a beautiful Christmas tree from the bark . The principle of manufacturing the trees are all the same, well-known to us, the taper of the blank of cardboard or Styrofoam glue over the pieces of bark, overlapping, in a direction from the bottom to the top. Very impressive to look this herringbone supplemented transparent leg.

These fun wood beauties of fabric is also easy to do. The basis for textile Christmas tree is still out of cardboard or Styrofoam. Decorated the base fabric strips assembled on a string.

Cozy, beautiful and simple Christmas tree ornaments can be made of cardboard and yarn . First, you need to make the base for a Christmas tree, a cone of cardboard. Then we need to wrap the cone – blank yarn and add decor.