Festivals, carnivals and festivals in Cuba
  Tourists love Cuba not only for the warm climate. Cuba attracts its unrestrained joy – if anyone does, and Cubans know a lot about the entertainment and noisy parties!…

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The Most striking events and festivals Florence - news of tourism and travel
Florence – country holidays: the most striking events and festivals Florence is captivating at any time of the year. And even those who have repeatedly visited this city knows that…

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Oh, those carnivals!


Carnival in the world culture is one of the most significant places among all theatrical events. He carries not only an explosion of colours and emotions, but most importantly – reflects the culture and the mood of the people.

It is only at first glance it may seem that all costumes, props random and only strive for one goal – to hit diversity and originality. Every detail of the carnival carries a meaning. Some masks entered the world history. For example, famous and popular Venetian masks. It is considered that the Venetian mask is a reflection of the old Roman theatre, with its devilish characters. Mystical start, rigor and classic mask is not changed for many decades.

Generally the mask is one of the main parts of the carnival. Suit only complements the main content.

The carnival can last from several hours to several days, weeks, and even months!

Every holiday is held on to their traditions, dedicated to certain dates and events.

Already mentioned the carnival of Venice is one of the most popular in the world.

It takes place in mid-February. All of brocade and velvet, silks and unique masks, he rushes through the streets of Venice, filling rich program all the best halls and palaces. One of the days is dedicated to the girls released from pirate captivity. Main event – “the Golden night” and “Ball of Casanova”.

The holiday program is diverse and free. The audience entertained numerous jugglers, musicians, fakirs, squares are masquerade balls and competitions for the best costumes. Such a fun crazy, able to transport guests to a few centuries ago, does not leave indifferent any person.

But who beats the carnival in Rio de Janeiro! It is no wonder that Brazil is the birthplace of carnival. Carnival is magnificent processions, shows, the scale of it is such that no country in the world remains indifferent. Usually the carnival begins with the symbolic transfer of the keys of the city mayor “king of carnival”.Now four days he will play the role of ruler of the city and to legislate. The main, and only one of which – have fun everyone! And the population of the city is not waiting for re-order.

For comparison we can say about the carnivals in Goa. Also very colorful, they are not so grandiose, but no less spectacular. A variety of shows replace procession in colorful costumes. The effect lasts for three days. The celebration takes place also in February. Any tourist coming to Goa can become a party to it. The Goan carnival is a three-day reign of king Momus God of fun Momusu.

Carnival tradition in New Orleans brought the French. This festival is attended by jazz orchestras and entertainers. The spicy detail of this marathon takes place in the French quarter – undressing the girls in exchange for trinkets. The carnival lasts for almost two months!

Ancient began this tradition in Cologne. Once it was just the winter before lent, and after this event has taken on an entire time of year! Mummers – the main participants of the carnival. Flowing beer, the people quietly walking, the fun goes from noisy orgies in a calm and carefree celebration.

Nice carnival is a centuries old tradition. The king, Queen, riders, animals are the main characters. The peak of the carnival of medieval performance. A stunning spectacle has become a traditional floral procession, during which young men and women throw flowers into the crowd. A huge number of guests, colors, colorful costumes give the carnival a special flavor.

The carnival in Basel is held with a large number of participants. More than fifteen thousand costumed actors, musicians, guests from four in the morning begin the procession with small lanterns and large lamps – the main attribute of the holiday. And then from all sides to the main square begin to flock clicks. As this is our famous heralds.

In Spanish, there is another famous carnival in Tenerife. The Canaries is one of the most mythical places of the earth. Hence the special beauty and richness of carnivals. The entire history and culture is reflected in the celebration. Tenerife – the island is small and cozy. Eternal spring, the fascinating topography of the island, the ocean – all of this in itself is a fairytale. The main attraction of the carnival – a traditional parade of Coso and classical dance competitions.

Caribbean revelry – the so-called Caribbean carnival in stiff London. This festival is considered one of the major festivals in Europe. Up to a million tourists come to the carnival. It starts on the last Sunday of August with a procession of groups of children. Monday-go adults. Numerous groups of singers, dancers. You can hear in addition to traditional jazz, reggae, ska and Calypso modern rap, hip hop, funk, soul, salsa, jungle, house. The British are rightly very proud of their carnival.

The history of carnivals extends from the distant pagan times. Then this action was not just for entertainment purposes, and signified the changing of the seasons, the onset of great lent. All actions were more significant, consistent with the rituals of the tribes and individual countries. With the onset of Christianity carnivals were banned and almost forgotten. But, as it turned out, over time, they are not only not forgotten, but have now spread worldwide.