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Script infoway Game programs Nations of the world


Moderator:Our world is large and diverse. It is inhabited by millions of people all over the world. And depending on residency and weather conditions, all the people look different. They have different color skin, hair, different eyes, different noses and they all dress up in different ways. And most importantly – lead different lifestyles. And this is the greatest wealth of the world. After all, every nation makes the world so bright and colorful as we are used to seeing

Look at each other – we are so different: someone above – someone following, someone’s eyes are grey, and some brown, and maybe even green… we all Have different hair – and it already says that we all belong to different people. To study the culture and life of the world’s peoples is not only fun and interesting, but also useful, because it is in the diversity of peoples on the earth is stored, the source of wisdom and kindness.

And I tell you a secret! It will help us to get acquainted with different peoples of the world! Ready. Then listen…

“Once the sages decided to hide all the secrets of their peoples, in order not to lose them and keep the uniqueness. And agreed never to speak of them aloud, and will pass them on to their children, so that they can pass on to their. And so it happened!” And still all the secrets, the strength and wisdom of his people, the children will learn through special rites, – we call them “GAMES”!

Indeed, children of every peoples and nationalities play their games, and through them learn how to be agile, fast, strong, how to value friendship and respect them.

And today I would like to tell you about the games of different Nations and even to play them all together!

  1. Russian folk game of “Catch the fish” – (jump ROPE)

This Russian folk game for the premises is well suited. The players form a circle. Select “water” – he stands in the middle and picks up a piece of rope or skipping rope. In kindergarten, it takes the role of caregiver. The water rotates the rope on the ground around its axis, and the participants should have time to jump over it. Who will fall (before you jump) “bait” out of the game or takes the place of the leader.

2.Ukrainian folk game “Storks” (CHALK)

In the game involved 6-8 children, depicting storks. All players stand in a common circle and each of them outlines around the circumference of the smaller (1 meter in diameter) – it will be a “nest”. It stands in the middle of the big circle – “the nest”. When “water” gives the signal, the storks have to lift your right leg and so to remain standing. Driving is also jumping on one leg and then jumps into someone’s nest. Then two competitors popping up out of the nest and jump on one leg, bending around a common circle (the leg is allowed to change). The first one, go back to the original Cup remains in the “nest”. Latecomers are assigned driving.

3.Turkmen folk game “Lame chicken” (start and finish)

The players are divided into teams, each consisting of three people. All participants stand along the start line. Two extreme of each three hold hands, and standing in the middle throws the left leg on them United among themselves hands. Turns out “lame chicken” at five feet. At the signal, the host starts the race in which the winner is the team that will come to the finish line before your opponents.

4.Argentine folk game “Train” (Whistle)

Before the game, the participants are divided into driving “engine” and the other players “cars”. On the large platform players, each to their “select a place – depot” – a chair, bench, etc.

In the middle of the court stands driving – the locomotive. He doesn’t have his depot. It goes from one player to another. To whom he comes, he follows him. So going all the cars. The locomotive unexpectedly whistled, and everyone ran to the depot, the engine too. The player left without a seat becomes the driving engine.

5.Austrian folk game of “Find the handkerchief”(Handkerchief)

Game play: players choose a game leader who puts the handkerchief, and the other at the time I had with her. The handkerchief hiding in a small area, which is pre-note. Tucking the handkerchief, the player says: “Shawl resting”. Everyone starts to search, the search directs stashed. If it says “heat” coming knows he’s close to the place where the handkerchief, “hot” – in the immediate vicinity, “fire” – I had to take the handkerchief. When the seeker is removed from the place where the handkerchief, driving warns his words “cool”, “cold”. Whoever finds the handkerchief, not talking about it, and quietly sneaks up on the player who is closest to him, and hits him with a handkerchief. In the next round and he is going to hide the handkerchief.

6.English game of “Simon says”

One player, the leader, takes on the role of “Simon” and gives orders to the other players in this way: “Simon says: do something”;. The other players should not hesitate to execute the order. The essence is that the order should begin with the words “Simon says…”, otherwise it cannot fulfill, and if some of the players do, they are eliminated. Also if a player hesitated not immediately takes the right orders, it also leaves the game. The last remaining player wins. If the last remaining participants complete wrong order and eliminated, then the victory is considered himself “Simon”.

Moderator:Our world is large and diverse. It is inhabited by millions of people all over the world. They are all different: clothing, religion, tradition, history… But we all have something in common, by the people, – this is a world in which we live, this is the blue sky overhead and happiness,and most importantly, the FRIENDSHIP that unites us all! And United, we … invincible!

Well done, and for their active participation, curiosity and great interest, I want to thank you and give you prizes.


Thank you for your participation and welcome you again in our game room!