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Wine festival in Cyprus

One of the most famous and beloved “harvest festivals” in Europe — Wine festival in Cyprus. It is held on the island in the early fall of 1961, when the newly independent young Republic decided, on the one hand, to facilitate the “domestic producers”, and — to revive the cult of Dionysus, after a Hellenistic legacy of a highly revered and cultivated by the Greek Cypriots.

The production of grape wines in Cyprus has more than 7 000 years, and the unique climate — 340 Sunny days a year — gives to local wines a unique taste and aroma. They say that mark Antony gave Cyprus to Cleopatra as a wedding gift, saying: “Your love is as sweet as the wine of Cyprus”.

According to the legend, the famous Cypriot wine «Commandaria” drank Jesus and his disciples during the last Supper. Cyprus wines were very popular among the Royal families in Europe, and Richard the Lionheart called Commandaria «wine of kings and the Queen of wines”. During the “Feast of the five kings”, held in 1363 in London, “the Commandaria” treated the monarchs of the five European powers.

And today, Cypriot wine has not lost its popularity, as evidenced by the huge number of visitors to the Wine festival. So, in 2011, the Municipal Park of Limassol — the venue of the festival — was daily visited by more than 15,000 people. Here is completely free to taste the famous Cypriot varieties of wine to try and the latest novelties. Locals come here with their families, many tourists — the Russians (where without them!), the British, Scandinavians, Germans, and even the Turks from the Northern territories, which, it seems, to drink wine is not stuck.

A Grand celebration of wine every night for 10 days gives visitors music, dance, wine and delicious food, friendly smiles and the joy of communication in unlimited quantities. In the square you will see a symbol of celebration — seven-Brakes — a huge figure of Greek Cypriots with a bottle and a cluster of grapes in his hands. He graciously watches the people with pleasure tasted by a huge range of wine collections.

Richly decorated pavilions “big wine Quartet” Islands — plants ETKO, KEO, SODAP and LOEL. Here is the power of vincere happy thirsty 10–15 gram portions. In the depths of the Park — tents manufacturers less known but pouring the wine from the heart, and not of inferior quality: on a small island more than 50 private wineries, and each village has its own recipe carefully stored. Along the alleys — tents with sweets, fruits and nuts, and in the depths of the Park — dozens of tables and a huge grills with meat and fish. Those who believe that meat on spirits, can try “Zivania” — scorching 47 degrees grape moonshine dripping straight from the distillery.

An atmosphere of fun supporting performances by numerous musical groups, and people with pleasure catches songs and dances. Anyone can even dance Sirtaki in a large wooden VAT of grapes in an embrace with a colorful Cypriot and thus to participate in the creation of the Divine drink. Not far deployed scenery Cypriot village, works «Museum of winemaking” under the open sky, crafts when you will produce a local masterpiece. Junior tour group has its own program: puppet shows, contests, rides occupy the attention of children, while the adults relax.

The festival is fun, loud, in a big way and unbridled joy, but you will not see drunken or aggressive, and will meet many friendly and happy people from different corners of the globe, singing and dancing to the accompaniment of Sirtaki and the Mediterranean sea.

Tickets for the festival cost in 2012 6 euros, and the price includes a bottle of wine from one of the four leading Cypriot producers (ETKO, KEO, SODAP and LOEL) the choice of the visitor. Teenagers (13–18) ticket will cost 5 euros, children under 12 years of age — 4 euros. Plastic bottles for wine — 1 Euro. Wine glasses — 1 Euro, wine glasses — 2 euros.

On the East side of the municipal Park is a large free Parking (Pafilia). For those who think that wine festival and car driving — things are incompatible, organized free buses from different areas of Limassol and Larnaca, Ayia NAPA, Nicosia and Paphos. Can be delivered to the festival and Russian firms, but not for free. So, a 3-day tour from Moscow will cost from 18 000 rubles, weekly — 28 000.

If you decide to visit this wonderful holiday in 2013, the exact date and program of the celebration can be found on the website of the municipality of Limassol .