International Fireworks Festival in Seoul
  International Fireworks Festival in Seoul (Seoul International Firework Festival) – a major cultural event in South Korea, which is held every year in October, since 2000, where the best…

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Script infoway Game programs Nations of the world
  Moderator:Our world is large and diverse. It is inhabited by millions of people all over the world. And depending on residency and weather conditions, all the people look different.…

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The XI international festival-contest BLOSSOMING CZECH

Participants: Choreography, Vocal (all genres), instrumental music, circus, theatre, plain-air

Price: from 395 EUR

About the festival

Festivals General categories protected by the Ministry of education of the Czech Republic “Spring Festival ” ” Blooming Czech Republic “. “Spring Festival “-celebrates the beginning of spring :show the first leaves on the trees appear violets and lilies of the valley ,the rays of the sun we are pleasantly stronger and the young participants

Bloom at our festival and show themselves in all aspects of talent.

“Blossoming Czech” and “Blossoming Europe”-celebrate the blossoming of spring.In Europe :

Slovakia ,Austria ,Italy ,Czech Republic and Germany in which festivals you can see the entire palette of natural colors :red roses and tulips ,orange gerbera daisies and yellow Mimosa ,soft green lawns, parks ,blue arch-ideas ,pink and white apples and peaches and purple Magnolia. So bright and enchanting are contests and concerts

spring festivals.

Osobennosti and uniqueness festivals International youth forum”spring Festival”,”Blossoming Czech”,“Blossoming Europe“ in. that gathers the best representatives of art from all over the world in different categories .

Festivals International youth forum expand the creative potential of participants through the synthesis and exchange of contemporary art in all its forms,on –a truly affecting and shaping Youth culture as a whole on a global level.

Choreography. ballet ,modern ballet,contemporary choreography and ,contemporary ,hip hop ,pop dance ,folk dance ,styling. sports dance and aesthetics and ballroom dance.

Orchestras and instrumental ensembles :folk ,strings ,brass ,percussion ,mixed

Perform ,at its discretion. folk music ,classical music,jazz ,pop ,rock music.

Choirs and vocal ensembles perform on the selection. spiritual ,folk ,classical,jazz or contemporary works.

Artists:painting ,folk and applied arts.

The contest is divided by categories and has its own jury and platforms.

The jury presents renowned artists from different generations.

The Chairman of the choreography of the jury, people’s Artist of Czechoslovakia by Miroslav Peshikova –Known throughout the ballet world and danced as prima ballerina at the World’s most famous venues. The Paris Opera,Vienna state Opera ,national theatre of Prague,

The Bolshoi theatre of Moscow, etc. Now Miroslav p. Peshikova is a member of the jury of professional dance festivals .

The Chairman of the musical and vocal jury associate Professor Jan Mario Gorodinski – honorary conductor of the Bratislava Philharmonic, were included in the encyclopedia of arts. awarded commendation by Minister of culture of Slovakia and the reward bedřich Smetana.

The young generation choreography jury –that Shimon Cuban for participants of the festival conducts a Master class.

Musician and composer David Lucas offers his works to include in the repertoire of musical and choral groups.

The Chairman of the figurative jury the artist-gallerist :Jiri Castle

For the past 11 years festivals International youth forum is famous for the professional jury ,which advises ,recommends and assists managers in different countries.

The culmination of the competition is the competition concert ,which is the jury of the participants. In this day the participants have the opportunity to show themselves in the best light

On one of the best stages of the Czech Republic the House of culture in Teplice or Theater Mask with a professional finish of the stage. the light and sound .

The main event of the festival is –Gala concert ,which is always held on the best stages in Europe in the Congress Centre of Prague or the theater Hybernia of Prague.

Gala concert ends with a Hymn festival shared a Cup final fireworks.

Gifts festival –this is a unique vase with Bohemka colored glass with gold Angel-the symbol of the festival ,which shatters in different countries.

Festivals “spring Festival”,”Blossoming Czech” end a concert of Laureates in Berlin.Where sophisticated audience always warmly welcomes the winners of the International youth forum,because I know that They are often better than professionals.

In addition to valuable padarkov ,diplomas with the signs of the Ministry of education and youth of the Czech Republic ,Usti Region ,resort Greenhouses and the city hall of Prague, the managers of the top teams receive gratitude to the jury and Grants the organizers.

This year is set grants for participation in the cruise festival “Youth ” the ship “MSC” and on the festival “Sympathy of Europarco” with a performance at Disneyland.

Grant(platinum medal )-4500Eur ;

Laureate (gold medal)-2000Eur ;

2 Winners(silver medal);

3 Winners (bronze medal)-450Eur ;

Entertainment and cultural program of the International youth forum

Brilliant at any time of the year.Capital 3 countries :Vienna ,Prague. Berlin is as beautiful ,

And.”spring Festival” ;”Blossoming Czech ” is not just a festival ,it is the knowledge of different cultures in all aspects both on stage and in the most famous parts of Europe :

Maria-Theresien-Platz and the state Opera Prague Orloj and the Church.Vita or Berlin Raster .

Thermal aquaparks Decena tropics and Berlin will provide good weather and summer mood.

“spring Festival” ;”Blossoming Czech ” is all the best for creative teams. Creative package 2015. from which it is impossible to refuse, provides 2 nights free.