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Best cartoons of the world in Saint-Petersburg


Latest cartoons from around the world will soon see the Petersburgers and guests of the city on the main international animation event of the country. In November in St. Petersburg will host the XII international Festival of Animation arts “Multivision”. During the month, from 1 to 30 November, every week-end at the Erarta Museum and in the cinema center “Rodina” for adults and for kids will be held screenings of animated films of all genres and formats created in recent times in different parts of the globe. In addition to contest entries, here are the best films and British Animation Awards, and program of the Dutch animation festival Amsterdam KLIK, the best program of the German cartoon prize-winners of international festivals, French animation, theme night screenings, sessions of love for adults, the program humorous animations, collection of psychedelic cartoons and much more. In all more than 300 animated films.

In 2014, the organizers decided to extend the festival — it will now be held during the week, as it was previously, and in the course of the month, 1 through November 30. Festival “Multivision” prepares for the audience a number of sparpaket, which will include the best cartoons of the last time from all over the world, master classes, an exhibition of multimedia installations at the Museum of modern art “Erarta”, and the contest, which will show the works of the most talented animators. In the framework of the competition program of the “Multivision” will feature works from many countries. Leaders have traditionally been France, the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, and Germany, Austria, Spain, Norway, Finland, Japan, Korea, Estonia, Israel, Brazil, Russia – in the collection of the “Multivision” in 2014 included 80 works from more than 30 countries. The contest in 2014, it was received more than 1,000 applications.

“The strict selection. We stop at the best of the best, not just to let the audience see a lot of animated films, but to show him the magic and the fantastic possibilities of this genre. The festival focuses on the viewer, and we choose witty, beautiful, spectacular movie. The main thing for us – showcasing the diversity of points of view on the world, a variety of animation schools, techniques, artistic language, inherent animators from different countries”. – says Svetlana Petrova, founder and President of the festival “Multivision”.

All screenings, workshops and other special activities will be held on weekends. Thus, in the first weekend, 1 and 2 November, at the Museum of modern art “Erarta” will be the traditional master-classes and altsean for children. 30 October in “Erarta” will open an exhibition of video installations “Animation as a fine art”, which runs until 1 December. In the cinema center “Rodina” will be a traditional “nightlights”, invented by the festival team a few years ago – night screenings of cartoons for adults: on the night of November 1 – the “world Night Cartoons” dedicated to the International day of animation, November 8 – the “Night of French animation”. November 21 – screening of the best cartoons from the British Animation Awards.

November 30, at the cinema center “Rodina” will be held a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the Festival. The authors of the best new animated films will get as rewards not only the love of the audience of St. Petersburg, but cups – exclusive figurines from the shell, covered with rhinestones, gold leaf and inlaid eyes – the symbol of the festival. The main award personally designs the President of the Festival, a famous artist, a member of the Guild of professional Association of Animation Cinema of Russia Svetlana Petrova. It is another feature and tradition of the “Multivision” – from year to year to create new unique rewards, adhering to the adopted concept. Films included in the festival program are evaluated by a professional jury in the following categories:

• Grand Prix of the festival

• Best story

• Best visual range

• Best animated film for children

• Best animated film made by children

• Best experimental animated film

• Best student film

The Museum of modern art “Erarta”

October 30 – the opening of the exhibition of video installations “Animation as a fine art”

1 and 2 November – workshops and altsean for children.

“Rodina” Cinema Center

November 1 – the “world Night Cartoons” dedicated to the International day of animation

November 8 – the “Night of French animation”

November 21 – screening of the best cartoons from the British Animation Awards

30 November – solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the Festival

About the festival “Multivision”:

Festival “Multivision” – the first Russian festival of animation, having an international status. It is supported by the Association of Animation Cinema of Russia, ASIFA – the international Association of Animated Film, “Multivision” cooperates with Unifrance – national Council of cinematography of France, British Animation Awards, festivals KLIK! (Holland), ITFS (Germany) and many others. All these institutions provide Festival exclusive screenings of films that the public not available. The festival presents all kinds of modern animation techniques: fashion computer 3D animation and manual, hand-drawn, puppet and flash. Eaten at the Festival and not painting in the traditional genres. There are tales and Comedy, philosophical parables, and fighters. Most of the authors participating in the festival – won many prestigious awards at international exhibitions.