Summer festivals
  Each time, their advantages, but the summer – the most vivid and exciting time, and summer festivals – much more than all the days in a year. It was…

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The Most striking events and festivals Florence - news of tourism and travel
Florence – country holidays: the most striking events and festivals Florence is captivating at any time of the year. And even those who have repeatedly visited this city knows that…

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The Festival is over. Long live the festival! Festival in Olvia


On Saturday afternoon in the reserve a landing Nikolaev scouts who cleaned up the place for the future of the festival is a natural amphitheatre, created by nature on the slopes of beams, Dating back to the shore of Lyman. Here and has set the stage.

In the opening of the celebration of beauty, music and Greek culture took part Greek ensemble of the Organization. The attendees were welcomed by the Deputy head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Vyacheslav rukomanov, the chief of regional management of foreign relations, foreign economic activity, European integration, tourism and resorts Tatiana Chickaloon and the chief of regional management of culture Svetlana Gladun. As Director of the National reserve Galina Lysikova held the first tour opened on this day the Museum Lapidarium. It collected samples of ancient Greek architecture and lapidary art: the inscriptions on gravestones, dedication to the gods, products of ancient potters and masons, reconstruction clothing oligopolies etc.

Actually, to describe the festival itself – a thankless task. It was something to see with your own eyes. Presentations of authors and performers of the songs (download new songs on the official website of the festival), rock band alternated fun competitions, the host of the evening, actor and Director of the Russian theatre, the honored artist of Ukraine Sergey Overclock, throughout the evening, that is, kept the audience in good shape.

The musical program was varied – something for every taste. Most actively the audience reacted to the performances of the traditional guest of the festival Oksana Brenon (USA), group “Indigo”, “T. K.”, “the Gras itemno”. But, perhaps, especially the audience liked the performance of the Odessa rock band “Mode”, each of the compositions which differed sturdy music arrangements, animates in memory of the legendary Sverdlovsk rock club sample 80s, the “monsters” of hard rock. Associative array each one had their own, but few remained indifferent.

Welcomed the participants of the festival another traditional guest – honored artist of Ukraine Viloria Pashchenko, at the time, who played one of the leading roles in the movie “go To fight some old people”.

The second day was even more full of bright events. In the morning on sport fishing on the basis of the Wallachian spit, where he settled a significant portion of the participants of the festival, began a naval holiday “Day of Poseidon”. Additional creative gave him that along with Poseidon gathered on the Bank of the estuary entertained popular in Nikolaev Gypsy ensemble “Bajtala”, whose members recently returned from a trip to America.

And then here held a poetry duel Nicholas peethas (incidentally, this word is also of Greek origin) Arcadia Harsh and Oleg Golovaty. And although the advantage of the first, according to the audience, it was obvious, colleagues at the poetry workshop decided that I won still friendship.

The highlight of the second day of the festival in addition to the musical performances was the beauty contest “Olvia Aphrodite-2011”. Seven girls were fighting for the title of the first beauties of Olbia. Moreover, to demonstrate they had not only their beauty, because the program included competitions in knowledge of the art of Homer, demonstration vocals culinary abilities, your own exclusive costume and Greek dance. The jury headed by Vladimir Yurkovsky long and meticulously studied participants who have not yet passed their verdict. First place and the crown beauties got 18-year-old Anastasia Nikitina from Nikolaev, who is studying in the black sea state University. Peter Graves at the philological Department. Second place went to Julia Subinoy, and the third Mary Mizgala. “Olvia Aphrodite” won the main prize – free autumn tour of Europe from “Tour-Express”. However, the prize was not offended any one of the participants – each of them has got a particular gift.

Within two evenings a lot of pleasant surprises presented to the participants of the festival sponsors, including General sponsor – brand “amber”. As you know, part of spectator contests was associated with beer. But not all. Had to exercise the mind and wit to demonstrate erudition and a broad vocabulary, compose epigrams, and more.

The festival ended, but the festival lives on. At least its General producer, Director of “Art Music” Alexander karpenchuk already seriously pondering over how exactly