Happy holiday summery and bright from the Studio Birthdaysparty
The summer is considered by many to be the best time of the year. You can walk endlessly in the fresh air, relax on the beach and swim. But besides…

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Holidays of Luxembourg in the project holidays
  The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Grand-Duche de Luxembourg) is located in North-West Europe between Belgium, Germany and France. Translated from the old German Luxembourg means "small castle". The system…

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Summer festivals and events in Switzerland


This summer in Switzerland, tourists are offered a wide range of activities for every taste that you can visit.

Exhibition of objects of art Basel

15 June in Basel 42nd time will turn into a Mecca of art – in the town will be a traditional fair of works of art Art Basel. The exhibition usually attracts about 60 thousand visitors not only from across Europe but also the world – after all, the exhibits on display are hundreds of the best galleries from Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

“the Olympics to the world of art” — calls the Art Basel festival French Le Mond. German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung called the event ’s art at its best”, Vogue and peremptorily called Art Basel ’s most beautiful temporary Museum in the world”.

One of the initiators of the art fair in Basel is a famous Swiss art dealer and collector Ernst Beyeler. Thanks to him, a small Basel in June, becoming one of the Central places in the art world. Visitors of the fair Art Basel, which will be held in the city from 15 to 19 June, will be able to see the famous paintings, sculptures, photographs and other exhibits created by more than 1.5 thousand masters – from Picasso to Warhol.

This summer’s Montreux Jazz Festival, has more than four decades, will begin on Saturday, July 1, and will last until July 16. In these 15 days the entire town is practically in one large scene. Every year this event attracts more than 200 thousand spectators, who consider it one of the most prestigious musical events of the present.

Despite the name of the festival for 15 days in Montreux visitors will be available to all kinds of music-from hip-hop to jazz, reggae and techno.

It is expected that the open areas will give about 350 concerts as budding musicians and celebrities. In addition, the festival not only can listen music but also to participate: for example, knowing how to dance Samba or salsa can showcase their talents.

Meeting British classic cars

At the time, while in Montreux music fans will enjoy at the festival, at the other end of Switzerland – in St. Moritz – from 8 to 10 July, will bring together fans of classic British cars. Show British Classic Car Meeting, which attracts more than 160 owners of vintage cars will be held for the 18th time. However, it is not just the exhibition of achievements of the British car industry – this is a show with a little racing and beauty contests. Visitors will be able to see not only the classic models of Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin and Jaguar, but also the legendary Lagonda, Daimler and Austin-Healey.

The film festival in Locarno

First half of August in Switzerland is traditionally held under the sign of cinema – at this time in Locarno film festival. This year’s event with 60 years of history will begin August 3 and will run for 10 days, during which the audience will show films in thirteen different sections of the festival.

The uniqueness of the festival in Locarno – in the geographic location at the crossroads of three Swiss cantons whose residents reflect three European culture – Italian, German and French. The second feature of the event were performances in the open air, which takes place on the Piazza Grande in the center of town, where going to 8 thousand spectators.

Best film of the competition program gets the prize “Golden leopard”, also marked the best actors and Actresses. During the years of its existence, the festival has evolved from a purely secular event in the meeting place of the elite of the business – distributors, producers, manufacturers from the world of cinema.

Golf tournament Omega European Masters

Golf Omega European Masters, held in Crans-Montana with 1 to 4 September, occupies a privileged position in the European calendar cycle. Being a tournament with an impressive sporty performance, it was still a fun event, the special atmosphere of the town.

For participants and spectators of the trip to Vale means something natural, Alpine, almost rural, is strikingly different from other venues. Despite the fact that professionals are fully concentrated on the game, they show a certain relaxed style that is impossible to see them during the rest of the season.

Golf at 1,500 metres above sea level – it’s a breath of wind, figuratively and literally.

Diamond League Weltklasse Zürich

8 September in Zurich at Letzigrund stadium will be the first athletics final Diamond League – this competition series, which consists of 14 tournaments and finish in Brussels on 27 August.

It is expected that the tournaments will feature the world’s best athletes, and 26 thousand spectators who will gather at the stadium, may witness new world records in athletics.