Unusual holidays of the world
  All holidays - September September 1: The day of knowledge Day of knowledge in the Czech Republic Day trade Union action for peace Open Quran /Revelation of the Koran/.…

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Carnival costumes – History
  The roots of carnival out in the middle Ages and originates from the "feast of all Mari", which is known from 1039 years and it began to cover their…

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Italy: Venice – the famous carnival


We managed to visit Venice carnival last year, but the same great atmosphere in Venice certainly prevails also in these days because famous Venice carnival is now in full swing.

A bit of history

The tradition of rich, carefree and very lush celebrations dates back to the XI century. Even then, the Carnival of Venice was a movable festival in the period before Ash Wednesday. Since ancient times it is very important role was played by the masks that were erased, or at least tried to erase, class or social differences among people. Because, underneath the king’s very easy to be a beggar and, conversely, the beggar becomes king. Under the mask of the townspeople could, nobody unidentified, engage bezugnahme entertainment. During the XVIII century Venetian carnival began gradually to decline, and finally almost completely stopped. It was renewed in 1979, and since then has attracted a huge number of tourists.

The carnival is in full swing

This year the popular festival in Venice will be held from January 26 to February 12, 2013 so you still have the opportunity to participate in this unprecedented celebration. Many travel agencies, as in other years, offer to experience the unique atmosphere of this huge event in a longer or shorter stays. But to go there you can own. In this case, it is best to find out if somewhere else there is a free room Continue reading

Festivals of Crete


Festivals in Crete spend often, and scale. The locals love to celebrate everything, literally..

Walk entire villages and even cities, happy to engage in a maelstrom of irrepressible fun of tourists. Dances, songs, music, and, of course, the magnificent Cretan food

At such events, as nowhere else, we can estimate easy disposition and kindness of the local people, and into the unique Cretan atmosphere in the ancient traditions and events.

About holidays in Crete would be complete without these wonderful days.

Agricultural festivals

The celebration of the blooming of Spring with the collection of colors, wreath making. They decorated doors and everything that comes his way. Goes everywhere on the 1st of may.

Sardine festival. The main character – these dishes from the freshly caught sardines. The Greeks know a lot of seafood, and this may be the best fish dishes not to try anywhere else. The most colorful events are held in early September in the city Court (Souda Bay) and beach (Nea Chora) in the area of Chania. And in mid-July near the village Farm near the southern town of Ierapetra . what in the Lasithi region . And in October in the resort town of Elounda is an excellent fish festival.

The wine festival. Initially he was held in July and November, and is now held throughout the season in different villages and cities. Moreover, Continue reading

Holidays of Luxembourg in the project holidays


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Grand-Duche de Luxembourg) is located in North-West Europe between Belgium, Germany and France. Translated from the old German Luxembourg means “small castle”. The system of government is a constitutional monarchy. The head of state is the Grand Duke. The capital city of Luxembourg.

The area of Luxembourg is 2586 square kilometers . Forested Ardennes mountains stretch across the Northern region of the country, and the river Sauer and Moselle river forming its Eastern border. South of Luxembourg is a land of green pastures and fat of the land.

The Flag Of The Grand Duchy Of Luxembourg

On the map of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a tiny triangle and is usually denoted by the number, the size of the country don’t allow them to fit on the map ten letters of its name.

With the modest size of the Duchy is considered one of the most successful financial States of the European Union . and the standard of living and well-being such that the larger European States are looking at Monaco with envy.

Luxembourg calendar full of various celebrations and festivals . The most fun of the traditional holidays of Luxembourg – Amesen (held Monday at Easter), followed by fairs and exhibitions-sales of traditional Handicrafts items at the Fish market in the capital.

The statue of a man with Continue reading

DANCE OPEN Ballet Festival


Festival “DANCE OPEN” takes every spring in St. Petersburg the world ballet stars, the leaders of the world’s ballet companies and students of ballet schools from around the world. In recent years, the festival “overgrown” unique additional program – kinoproduktsii, scientific-practical conference, an exhibition of photographs and much more. This forum has long been of interest not only to professionals, versed in ballet art, but also a wide range of audience of different social strata.

One of the most influential British publications, the newspaper “The Independent” . called DANCE OPEN in the top ten of the best European festivals. Major Russian and international media coverage of the festival events in their reports. On the basis of the St. Petersburg TV channel “100 TV” was implemented broadcast concerts tenth DANCE OPEN. The entire journalistic elite – the channel “Culture”, “Russia 24”, “REN-TV”, “TV-Center”, the newspaper Izvestiya, “Vedomosti”, “Kommersant”, “Arguments and facts”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “St.Pet.Times”, “OpenSpase” covered events, exciting glitterati ballet and dance. Festival Dance Open is the most important event in the cultural life of St. Petersburg and across the country. And how great artists were not assembled festival, dance will always be his most Continue reading

Carnival costumes – History


The roots of carnival out in the middle Ages and originates from the “feast of all Mari”, which is known from 1039 years and it began to cover their faces with masks. The birthplace of carnival, considered to be Italy, namely the well-known carnival of Venice. Carnival in Italian “carne” meat, “Valais”.

In 1296, the Italian government decided to make the last day before lent a public holiday. The peak of development of the Venetian carnival falls in the middle of the 18th century, when the celebration is not only a major event but also the meaning of life of its participants. In the period of carnival in the country there was an atmosphere of permissiveness and freedom.

Replaced the drab existence comes extravaganza of colors and joy. Shackles noble manners gladly accepts every commoner, covering his face with a carnival mask and wearing luxurious clothes. In turn, members of the nobility were hiding under the guise of suckers, which gave the medieval carnival special intrigue. The shoemaker could flirt with the Princess, and the patrician could easily seduce a seamstress. So wealth and poverty hiding behind masks and carnival costumes kept the secrets of their masters.

Carnival caught on Italy, what to wear carnival masks and costumes, they became year-round. The government had to publish an additional law under Continue reading

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What does the feast of the presentation of the Lord?
  The feast of Candlemas, celebrated on February 15th (old style – 2 February) is among the great twelve great feasts of the Orthodox Church. In Eastern countries, Candlemas is…

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DANCE OPEN Ballet Festival
  Festival "DANCE OPEN" takes every spring in St. Petersburg the world ballet stars, the leaders of the world's ballet companies and students of ballet schools from around the world.…