How to entertain guests
  What does the registration and full access: Fully view all content of all sections of the information system "how to entertain guests. Internet-base" will be after you register and…

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Italy: Venice - the famous carnival
  We managed to visit Venice carnival last year, but the same great atmosphere in Venice certainly prevails also in these days because famous Venice carnival is now in full…

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The XI international festival-contest BLOSSOMING CZECH

Participants: Choreography, Vocal (all genres), instrumental music, circus, theatre, plain-air

Price: from 395 EUR

About the festival

Festivals General categories protected by the Ministry of education of the Czech Republic “Spring Festival ” ” Blooming Czech Republic “. “Spring Festival “-celebrates the beginning of spring :show the first leaves on the trees appear violets and lilies of the valley ,the rays of the sun we are pleasantly stronger and the young participants

Bloom at our festival and show themselves in all aspects of talent.

“Blossoming Czech” and “Blossoming Europe”-celebrate the blossoming of spring.In Europe :

Slovakia ,Austria ,Italy ,Czech Republic and Germany in which festivals you can see the entire palette of natural colors :red roses and tulips ,orange gerbera daisies and yellow Mimosa ,soft green lawns, parks ,blue arch-ideas ,pink and white apples and peaches and purple Magnolia. So bright and enchanting are contests and concerts

spring festivals.

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Best cartoons of the world in Saint-Petersburg


Latest cartoons from around the world will soon see the Petersburgers and guests of the city on the main international animation event of the country. In November in St. Petersburg will host the XII international Festival of Animation arts “Multivision”. During the month, from 1 to 30 November, every week-end at the Erarta Museum and in the cinema center “Rodina” for adults and for kids will be held screenings of animated films of all genres and formats created in recent times in different parts of the globe. In addition to contest entries, here are the best films and British Animation Awards, and program of the Dutch animation festival Amsterdam KLIK, the best program of the German cartoon prize-winners of international festivals, French animation, theme night screenings, sessions of love for adults, the program humorous animations, collection of psychedelic cartoons and much more. In all more than 300 animated films.

In 2014, the organizers decided to extend the festival — it will now be held during the week, as it was previously, and in the course of the month, 1 through November 30. Festival “Multivision” prepares for the audience a number of sparpaket, which will include the best cartoons of the last time from all over the world, master classes, an exhibition of multimedia installations at the Museum of modern art “Erarta”, and the contest, Continue reading

The Festival is over. Long live the festival! Festival in Olvia


On Saturday afternoon in the reserve a landing Nikolaev scouts who cleaned up the place for the future of the festival is a natural amphitheatre, created by nature on the slopes of beams, Dating back to the shore of Lyman. Here and has set the stage.

In the opening of the celebration of beauty, music and Greek culture took part Greek ensemble of the Organization. The attendees were welcomed by the Deputy head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Vyacheslav rukomanov, the chief of regional management of foreign relations, foreign economic activity, European integration, tourism and resorts Tatiana Chickaloon and the chief of regional management of culture Svetlana Gladun. As Director of the National reserve Galina Lysikova held the first tour opened on this day the Museum Lapidarium. It collected samples of ancient Greek architecture and lapidary art: the inscriptions on gravestones, dedication Continue reading